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Your Guide To Home Security When You’re On Vacation

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Today’s criminals are getting smarter and more equipped with the help of tech innovations. A sophisticated burglar could disarm your home security system without physically cutting wires. A powerful home security system is needed now more than ever. According to the latest figures, around 2 percent of households across England and Wales have been victims of domestic burglary in a year. This is a significant drop from the 9% burglary rate in 1995. “It is widely accepted that improvements to home security have been an important factor in the reduction seen in domestic burglary offenses,” according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

The ONS report warns that 70% of break-ins take place in weekdays when the occupants are in the office or at school. Burglars prefer unattended homes. Thus, it’s a must that you boost your house security system for when you’re out for the day or on vacation. Here are tips on how to keep your home safe at all times.

Install a wireless alarm system

 There are two major types of security systems: hardwired and wireless. The former uses wires and cable while the latter works through a broadband connection. A hardwired system is more affordable yet more susceptible to breach. A burglar could simply cut off the wires to disarm the alarms. A wireless system, though a little more costly, offers better protection.

Install alarm system which will allow you to secure up to 40 zones in your home, including a hardwired zone as a backup. The Honeywell kits offer a selection of user-friendly keypads that suit your budget. The features include voice annunciation, built-in wireless receivers, and Z-Wave home automation. Z-Wave enables security devices to communicate with another using node instead of the Internet. Only one central hub is connected to the Net. The Z-Wave is the backbone of a smart home.

Explore smart cameras

Security cameras are no longer for recording anymore. These now offer real-time feeds that you can access through the Internet. Newer versions of smart cameras can even record audio and allow

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you to call home. Here are some of the top picks for 2018:

The Netgear Arlo Q features HD quality feeds, 2-way audio, night vision, cloud storage, and smart alerts. It also allows you to store 24/7 recordings in the cloud and link it to AI assistants including Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant. You can view live feeds from your home using your smartphone, tablet or other electronic devices.

The Nest Cam Indoor features 24/7 live streaming of your home. It can function on batteries so you don’t have to worry when the power shuts down or you’d need to extend your vacation. Once this smart camera detects conspicuous motion and sound, it will alert you through your mobile phone. No need to stay glued on the video feed.

The Canary is an all-in-one camera, siren, and air monitor. It’s tagged as the best environmental sensor of 2018. It’s easy-to-install with its wireless feature. It’s weatherproof so you can place it outdoors. This camera streams live HD videos, sends intelligent alerts, and allows you to send audio. The Canary is applauded for its 90-decibel siren and built-in climate monitor.

Protect your home from other threats

 Criminals are not the only threats to your home. You should also protect your home against environmental hazards like flooding and fire.

Install water leak monitors or flood sensors especially in areas you rarely visit such as the basement and attic. The DSC Wireless Flood Sensor continuously monitors unacceptable water levels. It includes a wireless transmitter connected by a 6-foot-long wire cable. It triggers an alarm when its prongs are in contact with water and when it is damaged or tampered with.

Protect your home against fire with a smoke detector. The DSC Wireless Smoke Detector W/ Heat features a built-in alarm, integral dual-sensor heat detection, automatic drift compensation, and removable smoke chamber. To minimize potential false alarms, it adjusts to its original factory-set sensitivity as dust accumulates in the detector.

Sign up for a home security monitoring service

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Before smart homes and monitoring services, households depend on their neighbors to alert authorities during breaches. The problem is when your neighbors are fast asleep or on vacation themselves. Consider a monitoring service.

A hardwired system connects the alarms into a monitoring hub via a landline. When your alarm is triggered, it sends a signal to the hub which in turn confirms the threat with you. If you fail to respond or give the proper signal, it will contact the appropriate authorities. A wireless system uses broadband connection while a cellular system works through a cellular network. A home monitoring service ensures immediate response during break-ins and other emergencies.

Exercise due diligence: mind your social media habits

 Choosing a powerful home security system alone will not protect your home when you’re on vacation. You should also exercise due diligence. Do you know that 78 percent of burglars use social network platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to target properties? People carelessly publish information about their vacation plans, even the dates and hour that they’re not at home, in the Net.

Use social media responsibly by placing your account on private settings or restricting the amount of personal information you share. While it feels fulfilling to post about your beautiful home, avoid posting indoor photos and large purchases. These can attract burglars. Don’t “check-in” at airports or holiday destinations on social media, which broadcasts that your home is unattended. Post your vacation pictures after you’ve arrived.

There are things that you shouldn’t risk such as the safety and security of your home and loved ones. A home security system isn’t a luxury; it’s a need for every household. It’s a non-negotiable. Remember that the decline in the domestic burglary is due to improvements to home security. The presence of even a basic alarm system can help ward off burglars. Explore your options. Check out wireless alarms systems, smart cameras, monitors, and sensors, and monitoring services. Moreover, exercise diligence in using platforms that may put your home and personal security at risk.

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