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Why You Should Write a “Last Letter” to Your Loved Ones Even if You’re Healthy

Sometimes it’s hard to say the things we’d like to—but leaving them unsaid can create regrets, especially because we don’t always know when we’ll come to the end of our lives. That’s why I liked this idea of writing a “last letter” to your loved ones even while you’re healthy.

Here’s a video that shows how it works:


The authors have created an easy-to-use template, where you simply answer a series of open-ended questions in your own words. The questions are divided into seven sections:

Life Review Task 1: Acknowledging people in your life
Life Review Task 2: Remembering Key Moments
Life Review Task 3: Asking for Forgiveness
Life Review Task 4: Forgiving Others
Life Review Task 5: Saying “Thank You”
Life Review Task 6: Saying “I love you”
Life Review Task 7: Saying “Goodbye”

You don’t have to complete all seven sections. Whatever you choose to answer will be used to create a letter that you can print and store in a safe space (but also a space where someone will find it if you die—perhaps wherever you keep your will, your passport, or other legal documents).

Maybe even the act of thinking through these topics will inspire you to be more intentional in your relationships.

Link: Writing a Last Letter

Hat Tip: NYT

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