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Why Self-Publishing Could Be The Right Option For You

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There are many truly successful authors out in the world that are self-published. Obviously, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is right for you, but it could be. Find out some of the reasons why self-publishing could be the right option for you.

You Can Follow Your Own Timeline

Traditional publishing is going to take Gandhi levels of patience on your part. You will be looking at several months of reaching out to agents. After that, if you haven’t found one, you will start questioning your approach, and you will inevitably modify it, then spend another few months reaching out.

Finally, having found an agent, they need to find a publisher. Realistically the whole thing could take a couple of years and even then, there is no guarantee of a deal. Remember, even JK Rowling was turned down a dozen times. Life is just way too short for that. No, online self-publishing is the way to go.

Full Control

Many forget that when signing with a traditional publisher, you are signing away the rights. You no longer have total control over the book, and you have minimal, if any, say in how it’s produced. The publisher may want to change things that you don’t want to, including a plot line or even the title.

You also lose control over the cover, price, and distribution. If the publisher puts an extortionate price tag on the book and with a limited run because they aren’t confident, the book won’t sell. Then or ever. When you self-publish, you won’t have to deal with this.

Larger Royalty Share

When you go with an online self-publishing company, and there are lots out there, your royalties are much higher. A publishing house will often take around 85% of the sales and you still have to pay your agent out of your share. Unless you want to sell your house and live in a tent traditional publishing just won’t cut it—not if you want to write full time.

Rates for self-publishing online are usually around 30-40% for the company, and you don’t have to pay an agent either. I don’t think you need a calculator for that one. If you do want to work out what your royalties may be, the self-publishing company Gatekeeper Press has a tool on their website which allows you to estimate how much you’d earn from each sale.

Now Is The Time

eBooks and self-publishing has practically exploded. Anyone with a tablet or smartphone can read digital books. Dedicated devices are no longer required. Digital is easier to read, easier to store books on, and carry around—and the reading market loves it. It’s also cheaper to produce digitally,  although you can still go the way of print—and still no agent.

So long as people can get their books, they don’t much care how it’s done. That being said, you can keep the price of your hard work down, making it much more attractive to the market, and still make a very nice profit. It’s for that reason that digital books have a much better, almost exponentially so, chance of making it big.

Make sure to consider self-publishing for your next project.

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