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Why Self-Improvement Should Be a Group Activity to Nurture Future Leaders

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The idea of self-improvement in isolation is pretty obsolete and somewhat misleading. People do not just improve for themselves, they do so to inspire others or to accomplish something. In the professional world, self-improvement is either to achieve some kind of progress or to further their career. Hence the reason why self-improvement that is taught in the form of a group activity is likely to show better results as compared to individualistic tasks.

You will be surprised to know that even though the self-help industry has made millions on people’s desire to improve, the rate of failure is still alarmingly high. A survey showed that from a 1000 people who had aimed for better personal development, 96% failed.

Here’s another example—are you among those who make New Year resolutions? A study showed that more than 80% of the people are likely to abandon their New Year Resolutions by February. They just can’t stick with them.

This clearly highlights the idea that self-improvement without a support system is just not possible. You need incentive, encouragement and constant support to better yourself.

Still not sure what we are talking about? Let us dive further into why group activities for self-development are much more productive.

The Human Need for Praise and Affirmation

Humans are thirsty for praise and affirmation. Their progress is dependent on what others think and how they approve of what has been done. This is the reason why self-improvement just cannot work in isolation. Remember, to be a great leader, you need to help your team members grow.

Studies clearly show that when others appreciate how far an individual has come or what s/he has achieved in their pursuits, improvement continues to advance. Encouragement propels the person to go goes further.  And this is precisely what group activities allow. They let the team be motivated and inspired by joint efforts to improve an individual.

Ownership for Self and Other’s Success

This is another crucial thing that group activities give, they let people be proud of not only how far they have come, but what progress other members of the team have made. Seeing change right in front of your eyes and knowing that you played a part in bringing it, gives a kind of ‘high’ that nothing else can. This sense of ownership for others brings a change within. This self-development sticks and is not temporary.

People are more likely to continue and strive for more when they see that others are benefitting from them too. Self-worthiness increases and the desire for betterment is fueled.


With group activities, there is this urgency for change because individuals know that if they do not make any progress, there are going to be repercussions. This means that even if your employees lack the desire for personal improvement, their sense of accountability and the urgency of the task at hand will push them into striving for change and betterment.

After all, your team members know that if do not become skilled at a specific task, they will not be able to secure the position they had hoped for in their career.

This answerability is the actual game changer. This is why a coach of a football team is able to persuade his team into working and training harder. In simple words,  accountability makes all the difference.

Learning from Example

When there are group activities for self-improvement, people are not working by themselves or going through just trial and error. Instead, they have others to learn and seek help from. They both inspire and receive inspiration.  This learning from example also pushes for a change.

Your employees know that others see what they are going through and understand their struggle. Hence they become more willing to do what gives results for betterment.

Therefore, it becomes pretty clear that self-improvement is eminent when working in a group. Alone and individually you can only go so far. With other behind you and with you, you will be able to achieve success like nothing you have ever experienced.

Within any organization, it is best that employees be exposed to workshops where group activities are conducted for self-accomplishment. They will show a higher rate of success as compared to when an individual is told to bring change within themselves, on their own.

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