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Why it’s good to give up on some of your goals

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Did you ever want to accomplish something so much that you felt that failure or giving up was not an option?

I sure did. A few years back, my phone fell on the ground and it was slightly broken. Believing that I could fix it, I took matters in my own hands and proceeded to follow instructions on the internet and replace the parts that I had just bought from a pawn shop. As you can expect from someone that isn’t really a wiz when it comes to electronics, I had messed it up to the point that I needed to buy more spare parts than I needed in the first place. The second try also didn’t yield any results and I ended up wasting 6 hours and enough money to buy a new phone.

Stubborn ambition

The moral of the story? Sometimes it’s best to cut your losses and move on. At the end of it, my real purpose was to have a phone that works, but my pride got in the way. I had to prove that I was clever enough to repair a phone, and I was stubborn about it as well. The least I could have done was give up the first time.

People tend to overestimate small failures in their life. Some don’t really know how to accomplish objectives and give up right from the start. Others don’t even bother to set objectives because of fear of failure.

The point that I’m trying to make is that goal setting should be a flexible matter. Life in unpredictable and the world changes fast. We must stay on guard and know what to exclude when it comes to our personal and professional lives.

The things that you give up on also tell you something about yourself. For example, if you’ve started learning how to code, and you realize at some point that you don’t really see yourself doing this all your adult life, you are basically stuck with two viable choices. You either give up and find something else that you like, or carry on with doing something that you don’t like.

The reasons behind the goal

Ask yourself:

“Does this fulfill a need?”

“Am I acting based on a childhood dream?”

“Does it energize me?”

“Is there any other way to fulfill this need or feel this way?”

“How would I feel and what would I do after I’ve accomplished this objective?

“Do I really want this?”

The courage to give up

Think of some of the things in your life that you’re currently invested in and be honest with yourself. Ideally, by the end of this article, you will have found the courage be flexible with your goals and choices.

And yes, I stress the word “courage”, because that’s what you need to abandon something that you’ve invested work and energy.

Giving up on the things that aren’t aligned with your purpose in life creates room for what is truly important.

Did you ever come to the realization that you must make a change or give up something in your life? Drop a comment and let us know.

Author bio

Michael Schoeff is a serial entrepreneur who has been involved in many projects. He gave up on more than he can count and found success where he least expected it.

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