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Why is Procrastination Self-Sabotage?

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Procrastination, a sin for achievers and goal-oriented people! It is a cruel trick played by our minds that keep us from reaching our full potential and be the best we can be. Procrastination is self-sabotage, a ‘crime’ that we commit ourselves and reap the consequences of it later. It affects us negatively in the long-run. And one day we realize that the valuable time we had slipped out of our hands.

Here is why procrastination can be a terrible thing for people building their life!

Procrastination delays your goals.

Our goals manifest when we pour in the required effort. You might be planning to work on your personality, learn that language, grab that certificate or start a business. But an ‘anonymous’ force keeps us from taking even the first step. That is how toxic procrastination can be. Our targets, goals, and vision for the future just remain as an idea or a plan in our heads. Procrastination delays our goals long into the future which never seems to come. Do this;

  • Know that procrastination is a toxin!
  • If you become lazy again or delay the first required step towards your goals, you might need an ‘anti-dote.’
  • Start forcing yourself until procrastination breaks.

Procrastination kills confidence and motivation.

The habit of delaying the plans and not ‘actually’ executing them is a vicious one! The more you procrastinate, the more you fail to see the results. Then? You may label it as ‘crisis’ or ‘frustration’ or ‘depression.’ Inaction towards your goals will lower your self-confidence gradually and breaks down your motivation. You might not want that to keep up with a healthy and fulfilling life. Follow these tips;

  • Stay self-motivated and strive towards your goals.
  • Be patient. Positive results manifest slowly.
  • Take the first step! You have already achieved half of the battle.

Procrastination leads to messy ‘backlogs.’

So you have been delaying the projects and tasks for a long. It may include your professional work, personal work or commitment towards your family. The longer you keep things in delay, the messier the accumulated ‘backlog’ will become. And suddenly you will realize that you ‘did put in the effort,’ but they did not manifest into positive results. Avoid this ‘toxin’ and keep up with your schedule. The more efficient you get, the farther the procrastination runs!

Inability to reach your full potential

You might have visualized yourself as a better person in the future. Someone with a happy, fulfilling and positive life with satisfaction to have built it on their own! This is only possible if you manage to identify yourself, realize the potential you hold within and take action. But, procrastinating for a long time can keep you from realizing the power you hold within. You can unlock your full potential by,

  • Knowing your strengths and weaknesses. The great minds have always boosted their strengths and killed their weaknesses. Take action towards this.
  • Keep learning and adapting. Procrastination can keep us learning new things that might give us new perspectives and food for thought.
  • Taking action towards your goals with full strength. A goal can be anything from losing weight to being an astronaut. The only key difference is if you want to achieve it and are willing to take action.
  • Work hard, smart and stay motivated. Efforts put in now will reap the benefits later. So there is a lot of time to relax. Embed this thought in your mind!
  • Use technology to your advantage. There are many apps that can help you stop procrastinating.

Procrastination is something that amplifies over time. It takes the sense of identification of the self from people. Break it now! Go for the run you’ve been planning for so long, start the company of your dreams or whatever holds meaning for you. You are the decision maker!

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