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Why aren’t men going to the doctor?

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men going to the doctor

The stereotype around men and doctor visits is unfortunately all too real— men are too casual about their health care! Mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters have tried countless strategies to encourage the guys in their lives to visit the doctor, however, 60% of men are still resisting.  So, why aren’t men going to the doctor? Below we’re sharing three of the most common excuses men make when it comes to avoiding the doctor, and reasons why they need to rethink their decisions!

“I don’t want to hear what I may be told”

 The fear of going to the doctors and potentially hearing unfavorable, or even embarrassing news can keep men out of the doctor’s office completely. Typically, guys will choose to be blissfully unaware of finding out the truth when it comes to potential health issues. While ignoring the problems may work for a while, you will not be able to avoid the consequences that will ultimately follow. The news may even leave you feeling embarrassed or defeated. Conditions like erectile dysfunction, hemorrhoids, or halitosis can be quite nerve-racking to discuss with your primary care provider, yet when communicated openly, they are very treatable. However, even as the patient, it’s crucial to educate yourself on these conditions in order to properly advocate for yourself.

Bonus Tip:

 Take a look into telemedicine companies! It becomes much easier to discuss any embarrassing health issues you may be developing when it’s through a computer screen. Depending on what avenue you choose, you will be gaining insight from certified doctors and even receive a consultation while in the comfort of your own home!

“I can tough it out”

 From an early age, males are pressured to feel more masculine; with phrases like “man up” and “be a man”. This mentality can be problematic when years later, an adult male is hesitant to seek medical attention. With 70% of suicides committed by males, it’s clear that even in the mental health spacemen are not comfortable with coming forward in fear that they might be perceived as weak. The stigma that men are invincible and able to handle physical and mental challenges without any help needs to end. If you are experiencing these feelings, most primary care providers can help guide you in the right direction in regards to a therapist. Each case will vary depending on the individual, but the first step remains the same for all, which is why it’s so important to actively seek for help.

“Nothings wrong, so I don’t have to go”

Annual check-ups are crucial during your 20s and 30s. Whether it be as simple as committing to a routine check-up or visiting a speciality doctor to focus on a certain area you have been experiencing pain in, men must begin making these changes in their lives. It’s true, most men are at their healthiest in this age group, however, in order to keep things on track and headed in a healthy direction, it’s necessary to have check-ups. Doctors know more than you do, and might catch serious health complications that are invisible to the eye or unfelt by pain!

Visiting the doctor on a regular basis has to power to keep a small problem from growing into a larger one. Staying ahead of your health is essential when it comes to men’s health. I’d love to hear your best doctor office tips in the comments below!

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