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What books can help us improve our life skills?

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One of the most important life skills we must all need to learn and develop is how to keep a clear and calm head in any situation. The Little Book of Mindfulness’ by Tiddy Rowan is the ideal accompaniment and is handy to keep in your desk at work or at home. Tiddy’s book is a handy selection of advice, tips and inspirational quotes to helps you be more mindful, slow down and stay focused.

How to boil an egg and more

Sometimes the simpler a task is, the more challenging it can be. Whether your life skills is changing a tire on your car or sewing on a button, never ever think that you won’t be able to do it —there is always a way. Luckily, Life Skills: Stuff You Should Really Know by Now’by Julia Laflin is the ideal tome to give you that extra helping hand.

It is chock-full of both useful advice and practical skills that everyone should know and presents them in an easy to ready and insightful way. Whether it is how to make a speech or presentation, how to boil and egg or even how to change a light bulb, this book will provide you with the essential knowledge that you need to tackle life’s everyday problems.

Smell the roses

Life can be hectic sometimes and you just need to take a moment to ‘smell the roses’. When life is so crazy, it can be somewhat overwhelming. When you have a spare moment, it is an automatic reaction to reach for your phone to check your Snapchat, Instagram and emails, but why not hide your phone away and pick up a book instead (and we are not talking about a digital download!) There are so many different books that can really prove to be beneficial to your well-being. Paul Kalanithi’s When Breath Becomes Air is ideal as it really does makes you think about how important life really is.

Poker Face

Maria Konnikova really didn’t have poker on her radar until recently, and it was all down to her reading a book called ‘The Theory of Games and Economic Behaviour’, by John Von Neumann. After reading this book, Maria was inspired to try playing this game of strategy and took a years’ sabbatical out from her writing job to both learn the skills required to be a good poker player and to develop them further. This resulted in Maria attaining placing at the acclaimed PokerStars Championship competition in Monte Carlo – not bad for a newbie!

It is evident that Maria has worked hard to develop her knowledge, approach and skills. She believes that “being able to develop her ability to see when other players are making decisions under pressure (due to emotion and/or stress) is key.”

This demonstrates that simply reading a fantastic book can have a tangible difference on your own personal success story. If you are looking to change your personal situation, your living circumstances, your job or career or something else, a book can help give you the insight and confidence to do this.

Frame of mind

Meditation is one of our favorite ways to center and focus, and there are so many different books out there that can help you get into a better meditative state. One of the best books available on the topic is ‘Mindfulness’ by Mark Williams and Danny Penman, and it will definitely help you get you in the right frame of mind for the forthcoming season. It is based on Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), which is a simplified form of meditation.

There are so many different books out there that can add value to your life, whether this is de-stressing or undertaking a digital detox. If you are feeling stressed, lost, confused or overwhelmed, the simple act of picking up a book can help. Even if you only take ten minutes a day to read a few pages, this can make a significant difference.

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