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What are the Mini Habits That Should be Followed Every Day?

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What are the Mini Habits That Should be Followed Every Day?

I have a habit of opening my email every morning first thing. It ranks right up there with meditation for me. Once I have done both of them, I’m ready for my day  to start. This morning I opened Quora from my email (If you aren’t familiar with Quora, be sure to check it out). I saw one on mini habits that should be followed every day and I’m going to share it with you. It’s by James Haforlarin who states, “In terms of self-worth I’m a billionaire”  His blog is https://harpholarin.wordpress.com and I suggest you pay it a visit.   Here’s the article in one giant quote:

What are the Mini  Habits That Should be Followed Every Day?

  1. Read—anything really. Just make sure you learn something No matter how little.
  2. Hello—it’s so hard for some people and it’s so freakin’ important. We are surrounded by people [all] the time. People should learn to say hello to strangers and have some banter. Its fun(at times).
  3. Give—doesn’t have to be money, it can be your expertise, knowledge or manpower. Just try to lend a little helping hand each day.
  4. Eat healthy—no matter how fleshy you look and how metallic the Toyota you drive looks. You are both basically the same, you run on fuel. And you know what happens when you feed your Toyota bad oil? Catastrophe. Same thing happens to you Bro.
  5. Move more—shitty physiology equals to shitty psychology. I’ve noticed I’ve gotten my best work done and came up with the best ideas not when I sat down to write but when I was jogging or lifting. Move your body, it will move more blood to your brain and that’s a good thing.
  6. Gratitude—there are millions of ways you can add this to your life. And it’s one of the few things psychology has revealed to increase our baseline happiness. I do gratitude journal every day in which I record 3 things I’m grateful for.
  7. Do something—some people make a mistake of over associating with problems and go down the negative thoughts lane. I don’t do that, when I feel stuck or afraid, I make sure I do something. No matter how small it is—write, Google, read a book, make a call etc and from there bigger solutions comes forth.
  8. Laugh—babies do it 100 times a day and we the smart adults do it less than five. Meaning we are screwed. It’s time we changed and start to laugh more.
  9. Creative thinking—I knew shit about the answer to this, and a little 5 minute of deep thinking revealed what I’m writing now. This is a habit everyone should lap up. We should just stop flying off with all the thoughts that pop into our heads, but we should deliberately think of solutions and how to move ahead with our life’s.
  10. Ask the right questions—one’s life is the quality of the questions one asks. We should stop asking petty questions about what a big victim we are, but how we can know ourselves more and move ahead in life.
  11. Listen— yes it’s a simple act. It’s more of an undoing than doing. Just don’t open your mouth and keep not opening your mouth and just listen to that person in front of you. When you do open your mouth, ask questions to learn. This is not for everytime or everyone but do it more, please.
  12. Show up—fear, discomfort, shame are real and awful sons of bitches. They want us to stay in our little comfort zone forever. No other habit is better than we standing against this feelings and doing what matter most to us Inspite of it everyday.

Now get those habits into yah life.

These may be mini habits that you should do every day, but they will give you maxi results in your life. There’s nothing hard here and anyone can develop them. Go for it.


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