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Using Daily Self-Portraits to Boost Your Self-Esteem

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Using Daily Self-Portraits to Boost Your Self-Esteem

In this day and age, it’s hard to maintain a positive self-image. The level of confidence decrees as your self-esteem becomes more fragile. The standards we set for ourselves always seem unreachable which leads to constant disappointments, depression and eventually giving up.

The opinion of others shouldn’t matter and you mustn’t allow it affect your well-being. The only thing that matters is your opinion – remember that people you admire don’t let others pull them down. Think about your idols or just observe people who look happy. What do you think their secret is?

There are several ways to help you improve your overall image and boost self-esteem. Being satisfied means feeling and looking good, so practice some of these useful techniques for a blissful state of mind daily.

A selfie per day keeps the therapist away

It’s a fact we live in the selfie era – so why not use it for good? Before you take a picture, think about the qualities you are proud of or what makes you feel beautiful. Take out that attractive dress you hide in your cabinet, fix your hair and put some color on you. By doing so, you will automatically feel a little bit better. Now, you can take a selfie and look at the picture. Don’t you look better than you expected?

For starters, try some editing features to boost your body image and creativity if you are not convinced yet. Try different angles and play with the lighting. Imagine you are the supermodel posing for a magazine. Have fun with it and look at this as a piece of art you created for yourself. Repeat this daily and follow your progress until you truly start to believe in your beauty.

Boost Self-esteem Using Photography
Groupie selfie like a boss

Self-portraits in a group of friends and coworkers are very popular now. Besides being super fun, this type of a selfie makes you feel like you belong. It raises satisfaction levels and builds confidence. Also, the chances are someone will post the picture on social media. Use it as a tool to boost up your self-esteem.

Many types of research show affirming messages from other people help you see yourself in a more positive light. Since constantly growing social media makes us more concerned with our appearance, benefit from it and block the haters, but be careful not to replace one problem with another. Constant posting can make you addicted and obsessed, which can soon evolve into vanity.

Why is building and maintaining a positive self-esteem important?

Let’s not fool ourselves – having a positive self-esteem makes the life easier, attracts positive people and makes your beauty shine. Here is why you need to work on it:

  • A simpler life – You won’t beat yourself up if you make a mistake or do something wrong. Life will become much easier when you don’t have to worry about silly standards.
  • Keeps you away from self-sabotaging – The worst enemy lies within ourselves. When you learn to like or love yourself, the vicious circle of self-sabotage breaks and you will feel more deserving of good things in your life.
  • Makes you more lovable – A confident person is very desirable. Also, it brings less drama into your relationships, because you become less needy. The higher your self-esteem gets the more you gain inner stability.
  • Makes you happy – Stop with the self-critique and love the unique gifts you are blessed with.

Everyone has doubts about their appearance and performance, which is why people judge others all the time. Recognizing your flaws in other people can explain the strange disliking you experience when you see them. If you don’t want to be just another member of the herd, become self-aware and appreciate the insecure child within you. Build your character and take care of yourself, so you can reach the ultimate goal of true happiness.


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