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Top 4 therapies to ease back pain and get relief

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Are you suffering from back pain? Also known as Sciatica or Lumbago, the lower backache is a disorder which affects almost 60-70% of the adult population. Due to lower backache, nearly 150 million people lose a day at their workplace. Most absenteeism is attributed to this disorder only. If the problem is severe, then definitely there is a musculoskeletal problem arising from the strain in the soft tissues or the lower back muscle. It is important to locate the exact problem area from where the pain originates. The back doctor performs a physical examination and if needed prescribes a series of tests like CT Scan, MRI or X-Ray. Lumber pain symptoms may be addressed with physical therapy which is a non-invasive, non-surgical treatment.

Acupuncture to relieve the symptoms of a backache

Some 2000 years back, the acupuncture treatment originated in China and is popular for therapeutic effects. It is also used to treat wounded and injured people. During the process, the therapist tries to rectify imbalances in the flow of body energies. There is a pattern in which the energy flows through the body. If this pattern is disrupted, there will be imbalances. So, when the therapist rectifies imbalances, it restores the optimal health of the patient. The treatment mode can treat joint stiffness, backache, and sciatica.

Alexander Technique to modify our habits

The Alexander Technique is a popular technique to change or modify habits in everyday life. The practical method promotes mobility, improves balance, coordination and body movement. The technique shows how to carry out everyday tasks efficiently and easily. You learn how to avoid straining your muscles, how to exercise efficiently or reduce the chance of injury. So, you tend to give up harmful body practices. The ones suffering from the chronic back problem may alleviate the symptoms. It helps those with backaches, stiff shoulders, and stiff necks.

Chiropractic treatment for a backache

Chiropractic treatment aims at rectifying problems relating to nervous and musculoskeletal systems. This treatment relies on the principle that the spine is at the center of the nervous system. A chiropractor is a professional who addresses misalignments or subluxations to spinal bones which are responsible for impeded movement and the loss of correct posture. This situation finally results in the impairment of the nervous system. Here the chiropractor examines the spine to try to figure out the history of previous accidents, tensions, and injuries. It focuses on neurological and mechanical trouble in your spine to bring about relief from pain at the back. Along with chiropractic treatment, you may also try out home remedies for back pain.

Massage therapy can help

Massage therapy refers to the manipulation of layers of muscles or connective tissue that improves joint functioning, encourages relaxation, promotes overall wellbeing. It corrects posture when the masseur manipulates the body by applying pressure at certain points. It may be done by mechanical aids or manually. The very act of kneading, rubbing or stretching gives therapeutic effect. Popular massages to treat a backache are Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue Massage, and Hilot.

For back pain treatment, you have to look for the best back doctor. A combination of 2-3 treatments mentioned above can bring about a quick relief from back discomfort.

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