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 Tips To Healthy Aging: What You Need To Know

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The process of aging is inevitable. It, however, has its positives and negatives, reasons you need to take proper elder care Houston of your body to have many more happy days in your seniorhood. The first step to healthy aging is understanding what your body goes through as time goes by, hence take the necessary measures to ensure good health.  Various changes happen to your brain, bones, and skin, among other parts – don’t let such changes catch you by surprise.

The most common changes include:


Your bones might become brittle and even thinner as you get older. This is most prevalent with women though men too can experience the same. Left unchecked, this can advance to a condition known as osteoporosis.

The Heart:

Age can cause your heart to become slightly enlarged despite you leading an active lifestyle and having a healthy diet plan. The muscles of the heart may also thicken a bit, causing a lower heart rate.

The Brain And Nervous System:

Most people become slightly forgetful as they get older. Aging is also known to have a certain impact on your reflexes and senses as well. Dementia is also more likely to set in in older adults as compared to younger ones.

The digestive system:

The digestive system of a younger person is considerably more flexible than that of an older person. Older people will have a more rigid and firmer digestive system, a factor that can contribute to stomach pains, constipation, and nausea.  A healthy diet plan can, however, help prevent this.


Your eyesight and hearing might not be as sharp as they were when you were 20 years younger. Some people will even start noticing a decline in their sense of taste as well. A weakened sense of taste, smell, and hearing is an indicator that age is catching up with you.

Your Teeth:

healthy aging

Gum cavities and weak teeth is a common problem with older adults. The tough enamel known to protect the teeth from decay won’t be as healthy anymore, hence a higher risk of chipping and tooth cavities.

The Skin:

Like any other part of the body, your skin will start showing signs of aging as well. The most common symptoms include wrinkles, reduced elasticity, and dryness. Nonetheless, keeping your skin protected from smoke and the harmful UV rays should help preserve your skin for longer.

Sex Life and Performance:

Most individuals will start experiencing a decline in their libido and performance in bed. Women will notice a loss in vaginal lubrication after menopause, while men may experience erectile dysfunction. These conditions are however easy to treat.

Although most of these changes are natural, they shouldn’t slow you down in any way. Taking on measures to slow the rate of aging can, however, have you enjoying good health and vitality for longer.

Leading an active lifestyle and practicing healthy habits play a huge role in healthy aging.  While age comes with a sense of maturity and experience, you need to use these to your advantage for a better tomorrow.  Whether you have been leading a healthy lifestyle or not, it is never too late to start taking care of yourself and health.

Start Taking Care of Yourself

Here are a few tips and steps to help you get started

Exercise regularly and lead an active lifestyle.healthy aging

Be socially active, especially with family, friends, and neighbors.

Only go for healthy, well-balanced diet plans. Avoid junk foods as much as you can.

Get regular appointments with your dentist, doctor, and optometrist for health checkups.

Learn to take and finish your medication as prescribed.

Quit/avoid smoking and alcohol.

Get enough sleep every day.

Your emotional health is as important as your physical health. That said, you need to avoid everyday stresses in life and learn to manage stress. A healthy mind plays a key role in an even healthier body and soul.

About the Author

Since her childhood days, Angela has already admired those people who give primary care to the oldies. Because of her passion towards elders, she decided to take Physical Therapy in college which specializes in rehabilitation for the elders. During her free time, she writes in her journal about the different moments she had with the elders that she loves most.


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