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Tips for Travelling in Style and Comfort

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Nothing captures the moment more than a well-shot photo. It means that when you are traveling, a good camera is a must. You also need to look the part even when you have been on the road for hours. Even though comfort when traveling is essential, there is no reason why you should not be stylish. So, how do you look great and still enjoy your comfort? Below we discuss some tips for traveling in style and comfort.

1. Wear stylish flats

Imagine lugging your stuff while sporting heels. Uncomfortable, right? Well, while some celebrities emerge from the plane in stilettos, you cannot afford this luxury if you do not have someone to carry your oversized bags for you.

Thankfully, there are enough stylish flats designed to ensure that you are comfortable on your feet. The flats come at different prices so you can get a beautiful pair whatever your budget.

Go for loafers, ankle boots, and sneakers that are easy to slip on and off whenever necessary. The good thing with boots and sneakers is that you will not need to wear socks in case the temperatures dip inside the plane and you did not remember to pack some socks in your inflight bag. Ideally, your footwear should be in a neutral and also easy to clean.

2. Pack multiple versatile pieces

With a few chic pieces, you can manage to travel light and stay stylish throughout your travels. A kimono is among the most versatile pieces, and if you pick one in the right size, you can easily pull the elegant and stylish look. It helps that kimonos are comfortable, and if you are on a long-distance flight, this will feel like you have your pajamas on. Even better, you can wear a kimono as a dress when lounging in your hotel room and have a cover-up for when you are on the beach.

When it comes to clothing, neutrals work great. You can throw a colorful scarf or a vibrant shirt to wear over your pair of jeans, but generally, go for neutral outfits.

If you plan to document your travels, get a small scratch-off map of the world that you can carry with you. From the product page, you will see that the map is not only easy to use, but it also comes with colorful stickers that you can use to add more details to your travel document.

3. Dress in Layers

The weather can be quite unpredictable, more so when you are traveling. Layering your outfit will make it easy for you to add or remove some clothes for optimal comfort as you go. This is much better than wearing heavy clothes and sweating throughout your travel or having just a layer of light garments in cold weather.

If you are more of jeans and a tee person, remember to carry a warm and stylish jacket. Be careful with the prints and colors and only choose a coat that goes with a good part of your travel wardrobe. Blue or black jeans are more versatile, and you can wear them more than once during your trip. This will definitely help you travel in style and comfort.

4. Get a big Tote that accommodates all your travel essentials

Carrying two or more carry-on luggage is not just hectic, but most airlines do not allow it. To ensure that you have all your essentials with you, get a big tote that will accommodate everything from an extra pair of socks to your laptop.

A quick search online will present quite a variety of tote bags. Get one in a neutral color that will not show dirt easily. If you are a frequent traveler, be keen on quality, and go for a bag that can hold your valuables and stand the test of time. style and comfort

5. Go for a simple makeup

Simple makeup will not only save you loads of time, but your skin will also thank you for it. Imagine going all glam when you will be spending hours on a plane with dry and stale air. You might smear your makeup, or your skin will react thanks to the harsh conditions and little if any breathing space.

Some makeup to avoid include foundation, lipstick, and eyeliner. Go for moisturizing lotion and creams to ensure that your skin stays well hydrated throughout your journey. For your lip, get a lip balm and use this frequently if you do not want to end up with dry lips. Stay away from any makeup that you have not used in the past.


Comfort is top on the list of things to consider when traveling. This does not mean that you have to compromise on style. With proper planning and the above among other tips, you can pull a classy look even when you are traveling. You need to know what to buy and what to pack during your next trip so you will travel in style and comfort.


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