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“The Success I’m Having Now Is What I Planned for Three Years Ago”

The other day I met with a small business owner. Her business is going well, she recently had a successful product launch that brought in a lot of funds and new customers. Awesome!

But what interested me the most is what she said about it:

“The success that I’m having now is what I planned for three years ago.”

Three years ago, she set out to build the kind of business she has now. She settled on an area of focus and said no to other opportunities. Then, she took the actions she’d determined were most likely to lead to successes like her recent launch.

This is easier said than done, which is why I love the story. I’ve become more selective and focused over the years, but I also have a long way to go. After this conversation, I went back to the list of goals I set during my annual review to make sure I’m spending as much time as possible to plan for the success I want to have in years to come.

What success are you planning for the future?


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