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The Self Improvement Show: Magic, Miracles and Martinis

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The Self Improvement Show: Magic, Miracles and Martinis

If you are unhappy, struggling through one challenge after another, and feeling disconnected from everyone, you are not alone. Regardless of the reason, unhappiness can permeate every area of life if left unchecked. So is it possible to shift perspectives and live a life of happiness and peace?   Our guest, on this week’s Self Improvement Show, Amy Van Atta Slater will talk about her book, “Moments: Magic, Miracles, and Martinis” and about her life-changing journey as she navigates the challenges of divorce, parenting, chronic Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and her father’s diagnosis of Lewy Body Dementia towards wellness and a fulfilling life.  She will show you how, using this remarkable book as your roadmap, you can learn how to gain greater empowerment and change your life to have lasting happiness.

Bio of Amy Van Atta Slater

As an SVP of a leading technology company, Amy Van Atta Slater transforms challenges into opportunities. It is through her insights on life, business, personal development, parenting and mindfulness, that she has inspired thousands of business professionals and creative thinkers to adjust, rethink and refocus in every field and walk of life. After graduating from the University of California at Berkley, Amy became a noted leader in business. As a corporate strategy advisor and private executive mentor, she cultivates the development of leadership skills, combined with compassion, mindfulness and authenticity. Her speaking opportunities include the 2014 Forrester Research Convention, Domo Women in Business Tour and the 2016 Apttus Acclerate conference in San Francisco. She is the author of the recently published “Moments: Magic, Miracles and Martinis.”

Moments: Magic, Miracles and MartinisAmy, jay leno and book

I love this book. It’s honest, straight forward, easy to read and inspiring. If you are experiencing struggles in your own life, Amy Slater’s book will give you hope and boost your courage to face  those things you encounter. It will make you smile, perhaps bring  you to tears, and let you know that you are not “the only one” who struggles. By all means, read this book.

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