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The Reviews Are In! Attendee Blog Posts and Memories from WDS 2016 (Round 2)

Every year for six years, I’ve been part of a team that produces an annual gathering in Portland, Oregon. It’s a lot of work and a lot of fun. Rather than share my own recap, I usually prefer to let our attendees share their perspective—so without further ado, here’s our second batch of reviews! (See Round 1 here)

All of these posts are unfiltered and uncensored—take a look and learn more of what WDS is all about.

Attendee Reviews & Commentary (Round #2)

Our attendees come from all walks of life, and many have successful online presences as well. Here are some blog posts from our attendees!

More Memories from #WDS2016

Thanks to our wonderful attendees, we have thousands of amazing memories captured from WDS 2016 that have been posted to Instagram, Facebook, and other networks. Here are just a few from our time together:

The 5 Be’s from WDS Speaker Jonathan Fields. Sketchnotes by Rachel Thompson.

Attendee Max shared a personal reflection from #WDS2016 on Instagram.
Full text below:

Be Kind

What does it mean to be kind in spaces and times when it isn’t always present?

It means to embrace empathy and compassion.

Sharing a story about bravery, love, loss, grief or sadness can have a dramatic shift in someone else’s perspective.

August 2016 has been a month of personal triumph and heartbreak.

I lost my best friend, Leonard.
I had surgery.
I met amazing people at #WDS2016
I realized the mediums of serving that bring me alive: writing, yoga, being a facilitator change in myself and others.

I’m serving kindness to the people and the world around me through being honest and vulnerable about who I am and what’s going on in my life.

I don’t ever claim to know all the answers, yet do I ever say I know any of them – but I do know my truth and I can help other’s realize their truth.

How will you demonstrate kindness in a world where it isn’t always present?

Shared on the WSD 2016 FB group from Amanda Iverson inspired by WDS speaker Chelsea Dinsmore.

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