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The Benefits of Salt Lamps… You’d Never Guess!

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You may or may not have heard of them yet, I am of course talking about Himalayan salt lamps. If you haven’t, just imagine a sizeable chunk of pure pink rock salt hollowed out from the middle. In this little hollowed out mini cave, you can place a bulb and voila, light shines through the salt crystal. Its pink-orange hue is very pleasant on its own, but many have reported receiving further benefits from salt lamps. What are these benefits? Let’s take a deeper look and find out.

Benefits of Salt Lamps

Begone harmful radiation!

Salt lamps are hygroscopic, that’s the scientific word for “water-attracting”, so if you were to leave a salt lamp in a moist room it would soon start dripping with water while the air in the room would become just a tad bit dryer.

You might be thinking “well, why would I want that!” good point, but there’s more. Once a salt lamp is turned on and left on, it heats up causing the water it “sucks in” to evaporate as soon as it touches the lamp.

This process of condensing and evaporating due to heat creates negative ion’s from the water which slowly fills up the room.

Have you ever stood next to a waterfall and felt a calm and serene feeling fill you up? That’s because waterfalls too create huge concentrations of negative ions and these ions make us feel more relaxed and are actually nature’s anti-depressants.

These negative ions neutralize the unnaturally high concentrations of harmful positive ion’s that exist in our homes form electronics.

Reset your breathing.

The hygroscopic properties of salt lamps have another great benefit for salt lamp owners. Water droplets that are drawn into the salt lamp carry with them microscopic dust and pollen particles which are trapped on the lamp surface while the water evaporates back into the air.

So many salt lamp owners have experienced an improvement in their breathing after using their salt lamps. Air infused with salt particles also helps congestive lung ailments. The salt particles that enter our system draw more moisture out from our blood,  thinning the mucus that lines our inner breathing passages. This can be very helpful to those who experience congestion, stuffy noses or coughing.

salt lamps
Khewra Salt Mines, the largest pink salt mine in the world.

Brighten your mood

The frequency of light emitted from salt lamps is a warm orange glow and that specific frequency has a soothing effect on our neurochemistry. Studies have shown that this effect dates back to when our caveman ancestors went into caves during sunset before nightfall.

The hue of salt lamps is almost the same as that of a sunset. That’s why salt lamps make for a superb night light. When dimmed to a low level using a dimmer switch, many people have reported an easier time falling asleep, and an improvement in their mood.

The effect of blue light, the opposite of a sunset, is now well understood to cause sleep pattern disruption. And unfortunately, our tablets and phones are sources of blue light disruption. So incorporating a salt lamp in your home can offset this imbalance.

Shedding light on the downsides of salt lamps…

There is no known negative side effect to excessive negative ions which salt lamps produce. Although salt lamps have no real negative effects on their own. Maintaining them can take some effort and every salt lamp owner should maintain their lamp if they hope to use it for a long time.

The other negative side of salt lamps is perhaps the way they are sourced. Many suppliers do not practice Fairtrade and abuse and exploit cheap laborers in the Himalayan region where pink rock salt is mined. If you’re wanting to get a salt lamp of your own, remember to look for companies that dedicate themselves to fair trade and fair pay for salt workers.

Practicing fair trade and responsible mining will ensure future generations can enjoy pink salt in all its forms. Hopefully, this article has helped shine a light on salt lamps so you can be more aware whenever you come across some.

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