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Take a Year Off: Develop Yourself, Become the Best You

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There is a thought that as soon as you graduate high school, you need to immediately move forward into college. As times have changed, so has this idea. There are more and more students taking something called a “gap year” after high school before they move into college. This is when you take the year entirely off of school and develop yourself. There are a lot of benefits to taking one, here are just a few.

Boost Confidence, Self Awareness, And Independence

Most gap years involve some type of travel and interacting with people you might not otherwise interact with. By interacting with different people from other walks of life, you will increase your self-awareness. Self-awareness is important to help you interact and deal with other people. It will also be useful when you start applying for jobs and working.

Another benefit of taking a year off from school before starting college is that you will boost your confidence as well as independence. You will have a lot more responsibility than you did when you were in high school. So, by taking a year to explore, learn, and volunteer you will gain confidence thus making you feel and be more independent. This will help to prepare for the freedom and pressures of college.

You Will Make New And Different Friends

 While you are traveling and seeing the world you are going to have to see new people and make friends, or else what is the point of doing all of this traveling? You will meet other people who are taking time off school, people who jumped immediately into the workforce, and even people who are just trying to figure out their next move. It is a completely different group of people than you would be going into college with. All of these people will have something that you can learn from them.

You Will Be A More Well-Rounded Person And Develop New Skills

 By meeting and interacting with all of these new people you will learn about their culture and beliefs. It can be easy to forget that other people have completely different beliefs and ideas about the world. The sooner you realize, accept and most importantly understand these different ideas; the quicker you will become a more well-rounded person. With meeting all of these people you will also learn new skills that you wouldn’t have learned in college.

You Will Be Less Likely To Suffer Burn Out

 Burn out is when you have done something for so long that you get tired of it. This is something that a lot of college students can and will experience. It is not fun, because it can be discouraging and bad for your mental health. Students who have taken a break before starting college have shown that they will be less likely to suffer from burnout and even graduate on time. This is because they have had the time to recuperate and decompress after 12 years of school before they started in on another 4 to 10 years.

You Can Get Real Work Experience And Build Up Your Resume

 Getting real-life work experience is super helpful when it comes to finding a job. Employers love to see resumes that have other jobs on them, instead of just degrees. Some colleges will help you get internships, but get real-life job experience right out of high school shows that you are hardworking and committed to being a great employee.

Be And Do Your Best, By Taking A Break

 If you are uncertain about what you want to study or achieve then taking a break before continuing onto college might be the best option for you. This is such an important time of your life and you should enjoy every minute of it. Use this time to develop yourself as a person and be successful later in life.


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