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Super Bowl Sunday: A National Holiday?

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Super Bowl

Tomorrow is Super Bowl Sunday and, as always, I am amused at all the hype. It makes me wonder if SuperBowl Sunday has become a new national holiday. All week the news has been full of talk about the commercials that will be aired. In fact, I‘ve  heard much more about the commercials than I’ve head about the game itself.  Now, don’t get me wrong—I enjoy a good football game. The play between the Patriots and Eagles should be great. But it seems that the Super Bowl, like the major holidays, has been commercialized out of proportion. Sometimes the game gets lost in all of this.


If you search for Super Bowl commercials you get pages of results.

The commercials are interesting.  Some are entertaining, some are inspiring, some are sexy and ALL are expensive. According to Sports Illustrated, a 30-second commercial will will average more than $5 million this year.  I have some  thoughts on this:

  • That’s a lot of money that could help a lot of people. If they have $5 million to spend on an ad, could they use some of their profit to help others?  If Coke, for example, put up a picture of a Coke and announced “We have donated $4 M to help the homeless in one of the areas that have been weather-ravaged,” I would feel better and might buy a Coke even though I don’t usually drink sodas. Or if GoDaddy had the sexy girl tell us that Go-Daddy had donated $2 M to Phoenix Children’s Hospital or St. Jude’s, I might change to their service. (Actually, Go-Daddy is very generous with its giving, but most people are not aware of it). What about Doritos? If they announced,  “X percent of this year’s revenue will go to feeding hungry children.” I would buy a bag (and chips of any kind are not usually on my grocery list). I know that one of Budweiser’s ads talks about how they brought water to hurricane victims. (Hmm. Maybe I’ll have a beer during the game and be sure it’s a Bud).  There’s a commercial for avocados from Mexico. I love avocados but this winter some of them were more than $2.00 each—a bit pricey for my Senior budget. I would rather they lower their price than show me a commercial about not having the chips to go with the guacamole.
  • It’s interesting that all the available time slots are sold out. Not one left. Some companies have more than one time slot. I’m sorry, but I just keep thinking about the people who are suffering.  $5 million dollars would go a long way to give a homeless vet a home, or put computers in a school in a disadvantaged area that can’t afford a computer lab.
  • You know they pass the cost on to the consumer so how much will it cost us, the buyer, to see those commercials when they air tomorrow? The advertisers will in all likelihood show a profit. Guess who pays?

If you want to view the commercials prior to the Super bowl, you can see them all here.


Pink has been selected to sing the National Anthem and Leslie Odom Jr., who won a best actor Tony Award in 2016 for originating the role of Aaron Burr in “Hamilton” will sing “America the Beautiful” Justin Timberlake will do the halftime entertainment and without Janet Jackson we can’t expect a wardrobe malfunction—or at least I wouldn’t think so. Halftime should be outstanding.

About the Game

I’m not betting on either team and I will not add to the conjecture on who will win. But what I want to see is

  • Good sportsmanship
  • Fair officials
  • Fans who love the game, love their team and treat everyone with kindness. (No riots after it’s over, please).
  • Fans, officials, players and coaching teams enjoying the day.

I will enjoy the game. I will enjoy the commercials. But I will probably buy the generic brands at the store. I don’t want to pay for the commercials any more than necessary.



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