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Sunrise: Time to Create My Day

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Sunrise: Time to Create My Day

Smarty and I were having our early morning walk around the lake at Fountain Park. I try to time it so I reach my favorite bench at sunrise and this morning, as I sat down, this is what I saw. Yes, it was breathtaking and I couldn’t resist reaching for my phone to take a picture to share with you. The air was almost crisp, unusual for any July morning in Arizona, and the walk to this point had been wonderful. As I watched the sun come up over the distant mountains, I thought about the importance of choosing what kind of day I wanted to have today. Yes, you read that right. I get to choose what kind of day I want. I get to create my Day!

Create my day

Some days I get up and get going without a thought about creating my day. I lived most of my long life, not knowing I could create it any way I wanted. I reacted, and sometimes, over-reacted. Now I know, but sometimes forget. I’m still a work in progress.

Yesterday I forgot and by 10 a.m. I was used up, upset, and unproductive. I finally got things going again in the afternoon but many things had been left undone and I spent the morning in a “growly” mood that should have belonged to the dog and not me. (He was fine – his usual happy self).

So what do I do to create my day?

I start by talking and listening to the Creator. (This, as you know, is simply prayer and meditation.) There is no more beautiful nor appropriate place for this than watching the sunrise in Fountain Park. I don’t really have to say much. God already knows the desires of my heart and I try to say “Thank You” and sit in gratitude for a while. The important part is for me to listen with an open mind and an open heart and to receive what is there for me. I’m not always aware of it at the time, but it is there as the day unfolds if I am aware enough to hear it. I ask for help in staying aware. (You may have guessed that staying aware is a challenge for me).

An “attitude check” and “mood set” is always important for me. I want to venture into this day with a loving heart, a receptive mind, and space to adjust to change without getting upset that my schedule is interrupted or something negative came to my attention.  There just isn’t room for (excuse the language) a “crappy” attitude and a “sour mood” when I want to have a great day. I’m in charge of that. I choose how I feel (and sometimes I forget and let someone steal my joy. “NOT today,” I declare.).

What do I want/need to accomplish today? Daily goals go here, as well as incorporating my daily routine of taking care of me and my apartment, giving my dog some loving attention, doing my routine Social Media work, posting to the blog, responding to phone calls and email,  and working on my lessons for “I achieve today.”

Today, I want to:

  • Finish setting up my upgraded Hootsuite account to include more Social Media sites. I want to finish  setting up the maximum 20 sites and test them.
  • Prepare the information to send to VoiceAmerica for next week’s radio show. Design questions for this week’s guest.
  • Schedule a counseling call with iachieve for later in the day
  • Finish reading the book written by this week’s radio show guest.
  • Make an appointment to see the chiropractor.

That’s enough for the day. I don’t want to be so jammed up  that there isn’t time for a few games of “Candy Crush” or time to chat with a couple of friends, or to deal with any “emergency or minor emergency”  that may occur. It’s important that I don’t let myself get stressed and become reactive in a “not-such-a-good-way.”

Every day is different. This is today’s list.

So far, so good. It’s only 7:30, but we’re off to a great start.

I plan to create a great day.

What about you? Do you create your day or leave it up to chance and circumstance?

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