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Stop making the wrong choices

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wrong choices

As you reflect on your past, you realize that some of your choices were not good. You had warnings but went ahead anyway. Some of them were disasters and impossible to forget. How do you stop making the wrong choices?

Wrong choices of the past

You remember the woman you met who was very attractive. Some of your ideas clashed but you rationalized that you could accept that. Your gut kept sending you signals that said, “Danger.” But you married her anyway and soon you realized it was a BIG mistake. A divorce not only emptied your bank account but you also lost your house and your self-esteem.

A few years later, your best friend begged you to go into business with him. It looked good but something gnawed at you not to do it. But he was your friend and he did need your help. For these reasons you did not do your “due diligence” but left it up to him. You made the investment. The business failed in the first three months and you lost your investment money plus more.

And still later

After several years of a happy marriage, you took the plunge and bought that house in a nice neighborhood. You did your homework and you are sure it will appreciate in value over the next ten years. You’re really glad that you didn’t buy the first one you saw in the nearby suburb that was too inconvenient to travel to work. It “felt” right but it would have been half an hour more travel time. But the one you bought is quicker to get to work and on a very quiet street.

A year later… a mall is being built across the road from your new property, and a new highway is being constructed to get to the mall, really close to your house. That highway would have cut your travel from the first choice house by 25mins and isn’t nearly as close to the house you didn’t buy, as it is to the new house.

Buyer’s regret

You should have bought the other house. It felt right, but you didn’t listen to your inner voice. You never listen to your gut, and you regret it time and time again.

You are a reasonable and smart person. Why do you keep making the wrong choice?

But there are many kinds of intelligence and Gerd Gigerenzer, a director at the Max Planck Institute for Human Development, claims that intuition, or “gut feeling” is the highest form of intelligence.

Knowing when to follow your gut comes naturally to some people, but others tend to overthink things.

Nagging self doubt….

. . . And how to decrease the volume of that little other voice that tells you that you need more information before you decide. Let’s be honest. You have two inner voices and one is louder than the other. One voice is the impulsive, quick to decide, feels infallible voice. But that’s not the one you listen to. No. You give the other, reasonable voice its say too. Because you are a reasonable person, and one needs to weigh decisions carefully. How terrible will you feel if you chose the Strawberry ice-cream, when you find out the Chocolate ice-cream has real chocolate chips? Tragedy!

These are the self-doubting, self-defeating actions that will hold you back from being in touch with your true, “higher” intelligence. Imagine if you could train your brain to act with confidence and no regret.

Train your brain to recognize “gut instinct”

While this may sound unbelievable to the average person, it is indeed the average person who can benefit the most from Synctuition’s intuition training. If you are reading this:

  1. You have an inkling that Intuition can be trained and honed to a finely tuned instrument
  2. You need help doing this.

How Synctuition can help you train your gut instinct

Synctuition’s unique binaural recordings are deliberately formulated to promote neural connections in the intuitive brain. It utilizes recordings aimed at inducing gamma spectrum brain waves, tapping into neural oscillation in humans with a frequency of around 40Hz (between 25Hz and 100 Hz). These waves induce a transcendental mental state. They are the waves that can create unity in conscious perception.

Gamma oscillations allow cortical structures and the hippocampus to interact, and therefore encode and retrieve memories. The gamma neural oscillations can act in the cortex to bind specific perceptual representations and in the hippocampus, to bind the multitude of rich perceptual and contextual information from diverse brain regions into episodic representations.

These specific frequency gamma brainwaves activate experiences of the past in the brain and will reveal hidden experiences from the past. The amount of available experiences, we use for decision making, is smaller than the actual set of stored experiences in the memory.

The experiences, now available to the cognitive brain, increase the probability of the accuracy of the (intuitive) decision.

You are beginning to train your intuition based on your own past choices and decisions, but you are making it more quickly accessible and speeding up the process. In other words, you will decide more quickly, and confidently.

Make time for yourself. All it takes is an undisturbed half an hour a day, ideally before bedtime. Get into bed, listen to a 25-minute Synctuition binaural audio before you drift off to sleep. The audio and your brain will do all the work of knitting together neural connections while you sleep. After doing this regularly for a while, you will find that you make better decisions faster and with more confidence.

The good news is you don’t have to make a wrong decision about Synctuition.

Best of all, you can try it for free.  Simply register on the site to get the first three tracks free. 

A word from Irene

Two things:

  1. This article was adapted from one originally written by Synctuition.
  2. If this seems blatantly promotional—it is. That’s because I am 100% convinced that it does what it says it does. I’m using it myself or I would never mention it. I have used brainwave entrainment since the early 1990s and this is the best of the best. By the time you finish Level One, I believe you will agree with me. And, anyway, you can’t go wrong with FREE. I encourage you to listen to the first 3 recordings.




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