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Six Ways to Better Yourself

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ways to better yourself

Have you been feeling like you are stuck or in a rut lately? This happens to all of us at some point in our lives and is completely normal. The healthy thing for you to do is to take responsibility for this and find a healthy way to climb out of this rut and make some positive changes in your life. The normal response for most people is to try and fix everything at once while being super hard and negative on themselves. This is not going to get you to fix the problem and only makes yourself feel worse about not being good enough. Here are six ways you can better yourself and find meaning in your life:

Self Reflection

If you don’t know what to improve, you probably aren’t going to be motivated to work on anything. Start by taking some time by yourself and reflect on what you have done the past week or even month. Be honest with yourself and see what you did well and what you could improve on.

Reduce Stress

Whether you do yoga, meditation or use essential oils start finding ways that work for you. If you aren’t sure if something is going to work or suitable for you, start doing some research. Look at Young Living Reviews for essential oils and see if they can help you out.

Do Some Research

There are so many different self-help books that are available. With the invention of the Internet, there are also so many blogs and different websites that are dedicated to self-improvement. Not all of these sites are created equal so it is important to do your homework on something before you start trying to implement it into your life.

Eat Healthily

There are so many different diet crazes that are available and it seems like everyone is trying the latest diet that is available. You have heard of the keto diet and also the Atkins diet or you probably have several people that you know who are going vegan or vegetarian.

You don’t have to get swept into this crazy pressure of dieting, but it is important to eat healthily. You will want to find what is good for you. No, this doesn’t mean you get to eat bacon or donuts everyday for every meal because it tastes good. This means that you need to cut out anything if you are allergic or sensitive to it. You can also work with a medical professional to find a way of eating that is perfect for your health needs.

Create Reasonable Goals

You can’t fix addiction or mental health in one day or even one year. If you plan on doing things in a couple of weeks this isn’t going to make sustainable changes that are long-lasting. Look at the SMART model for goal making to see how to make a healthy goal that is attainable.

The key to making progress is to set reasonable goals. This could be done by creating one big goal such as fixing your finances. Then after that you could make smaller goals such as tracking what you spend, where you spend your money and what you can do to change it as smaller goals.

Become Active

Your physical body is tied to your mental and spiritual well being. This means that if your body is not healthy the rest of you isn’t going to be healthy either. They each impact each other so if one is out-of-whack, the rest are going to be out-of-whack as well. You don’t have to become a gym rat, but you can find ways to get yourself active and healthy such as going on a daily walk or doing yoga three times a week.

There are a lot of healthy resources that are available for you to implement within your life. What are some things you do to make yourself better? Comment below to start the conversation!


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