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Simple Self-Improvement Steps To Brighten Your Summer

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With warm weather and bright sunshine, summer is the perfect time to make little changes to improve your health, lifestyle and well-being. No matter if your budget is big or small, you can give yourself a charge and brighten your life with these five simple self-improvement steps.

Eat Well

Summer is a good time to mix up your diet and eat well. Up your fruit and veggie game by making it half of your meal to give yourself more energy for summertime fun. Hitting up fruit stands or farmer’s markets makes eating well into an adventure. And when you’re hot and thirsty, fruit can make for an excellent treat as well as treating your thirst. Keep fruits and vegetables in the house for quick access to treats that are good for you and your family.

Make The Big Purchases

Thinking about trading in your car for a newer model? Is it time to pick out a new mattress? Want to make the change from renter to homeowner? The big purchases can be scary, but the quality of life improvement that comes with them is worth taking the plunge.

In order to make those big purchases, chances are you’ll need to have good credit. Every day is a good day to work on your credit — what’s more, every day is a day you need to work on your credit. It’s a bit like going to the dentist; nobody wants to unless something hurts. But the more proactive you are about building your credit (or repairing it), the easier you’ll make purchasing those big, life-changing items.

Do Some DIY

Sprucing up your living area can not only brighten your home, but your mind as well. Bring on the bright colors! Swap out your throws, use your colorful dishes and vases. Engage in some weekend DIY to make your yard your new favorite hangout. Take on all the little maintenance jobs around the house to make it work better, like switching out bulbs and appliances for energy efficiency, bringing in more natural lighting with better window treatments, and giving your major appliances a little maintenance and TLC to keep them running longer and better.

Take Care of Your Body

Tiny little changes in your daily routine can help your body feel and work better all summer long. Kick your soda habit in favor of water to fight dehydration, improve your skin, and give you energy. Investing in a good sunscreen is important for men and women both — it keeps your skin healthier longer and fights off deadly skin cancer. Go for random walks to keep your heart healthy and recharge your brain. Get a massage or take time to quietly relax and practice mindfulness.

Go On An Adventure

It doesn’t matter if your adventures are big or little, if you fly to Europe or drive a county over to hit a buzz-worthy taco truck. Go on an adventure! Take the time to look at things in a different way, or see something you’ve been meaning to see. Take your family to a museum, your dog to a park, or a good book to a shady tree. Get out of your norm, and do something fun. Don’t do something out of obligation or feeling like you should — do something fun for you, something that makes you feel great or gives you a story to share with friends. It’s all about making yourself happy, and living your life a little better than you did in spring … or any of the previous seasons.

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