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Seven Careers That Keep You Moving

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careers that keep you moving

People routinely pay hundreds per year for gym memberships, not knowing that they could actually get a workout and get paid at the same time. Some jobs out there will keep you active all day long, and will even pay you for things you’re already doing. Another benefit of active jobs is that you’ll generally be more happy and healthy as a result, and less likely to develop some of the issues desk or stationary workers have to deal with. Here are seven career choices that will keep you moving.

Careers That Keep You Moving

Bicycle Courier

If you’re a competitive cyclist or like to cycle in your free time either for leisure or fitness, you should definitely consider becoming a bicycle courier. This is also a great job if you like working in a fast-paced environment and like pushing yourself.

As a bicycle courier, you’ll have the chance to work either as a freelancer or with an agency or company. Know that you’ll have to get insurance, however, if you intend to freelance. Courier insurance will cover damages to you and your bicycle in the case of accidents, and will also cover the things you’re carrying for your clients. If you want to get a quote, you can get courier insurance at All you’ll have to do is fill out a simple form on their site and they’ll connect you with insurers. You’ll then be able to compare their plans and quotes and see which ones work best for you.

Fitness Trainer

Becoming a fitness trainer is another great option for any fitness lover. As a fitness trainer, you’ll also have the chance to work as a freelancer or work with a gym or sports organization.

However, fitness trainers often have to do much more than just training. They’ll often have to be counselors, motivators and life coaches, all at the same time for their clients. They’ll also have to be able to keep a distance with their clients and be professional. If you offer great services however, you could quickly start gaining recognition and increase rates and business.

Structural Steel and Iron Worker

If you want to get great strength training while on the job, why not consider a job in structural steel construction? The job pays well, is in very high demand, and you’ll get the equivalent of a full-strength workout for every shift. If you want to build a dream body while getting paid, this would be a great choice. And you won’t have to worry about missing leg day anymore either.


At first glance, you might not think of nursing as the most physically demanding job, but you’d be wrong. Nurses routinely have to walk kilometers upon kilometers of hallways on every shift, which is a workout in and of its own. They’ll also often have to lift patients and equipment throughout the day. Floor nurses are some of the most active workers in healthcare, and if you have a passion for this field, this could be a great opportunity to stay healthy while giving back.

Event Planning

If you have great organizational skills, are good with people, and have a natural eye for beauty, then you should definitely consider becoming an event planner. This is a great option for people who are great under pressure and like to be challenged. You’ll also have to be ready to run left and right to oversee the work of employees, contractors, and make sure that you attend to your clients’ needs. This is also a career that allows for some freedom and take as little or as many engagements as you need.


If you have a particular talent, there are tons of careers in entertainment that will allow you to break a sweat doing what you love. The possibilities are almost endless.

For example, you could work as a stunt performer and perform stunts for commercials, TV productions, or movies. Or you could decide to work as a choreographer, either for productions or for students in a dance class. Even jobs like camera person can be very demanding and give you a good workout.

Yoga Teacher

Becoming a yoga teacher is also a great way to stay active and make a career out of it. This is especially great if you already practice and love yoga. While anyone can technically work as a yoga teacher, you could enroll in one of the many training courses available. You could work for fitness centers, yoga centers, or hold your own classes either in a private or public setting.

These seven career choices are all great options for anyone who wants to stay active or those who’d like to move more. Make sure that you look at these in-depth and see if you have what it takes to fill your role and duties.

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