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Self-Management Tools to Boost Your Personal Growth

self-management tools

Be more productive, lose weight, eat healthier, get that promotion—almost everyone wants to achieve or improve at something. But it seems that with all the resources at our disposal, getting what we want is a privilege for just a few.  Thus the questions arise – Why do some folks achieve their goals faster and easier than others? What makes them so unique? What’s their secret mojo?  Are there some self-management tools to use? 

Truth is not because they have all the luck in the world (even though it might seem like that), or it’s something about their genes. If someone’s grandpa was an overachiever, it doesn’t necessarily mean that even they can be. 

It’s more likely that they’ve inherited something more important than good genes. That’s a system and a proper mindset. That’s what makes so many people good at reaching their goals. For them, that comes naturally as if they have been part of the process, and there is no learning curve for them.

However, even if you haven’t been around overachievers and successful people in general, it doesn’t mean that you can’t replicate their systems and productivity hacks. 

Self-management tools

Here’s a system that anyone can implement for any goal. It’s simple, based on real science and people’s psychology, and most important of all, it works! It is a system that has been endorsed and praised by productivity gurus and life coaches like Tim Ferris, David Allen, Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, and others.

It starts with self-reflection

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Every life journey begins with one simple thing—self -reflection. Making life changes to meet your goals requires some alone time of you being with your thoughts and memories. It is at that time when you must reflect on things that matter, things like: 

How did I get here? Which choices had the most impact on my current condition? Why everything I do feels like tapping in the same place in an endless loop? What makes me sad, and what makes me truly happy? 

The self-reflection needs to address all that so it can be the prologue to something else, something new. Something that will lead you to a place of change. 

Once you get a proper, realistic perspective on all that, only then you can think of the next step.

The next step

Once you get to see things in their real light and from a ground perspective, you can start planning how to make the change. But before you begin drawing plans and adjusting your current schedule, there is one more exercise you need to do on your own. 

Try to visualize concrete details of your goal. For example, you want to learn how to code. Visualize yourself sitting in front of a computer and solving complex algorithms. Try to imagine the day of a coder, from going to work, meetings, coding, and so on.  

It is a simple exercise that will mean a lot along your way of getting there. This exercise is acknowledged and practiced by millions of people, from professional athletes to ordinary folks that want to lose some weight.

Wayne Rooney is one of the many professional football players that swear by this exercise. He has won both the Premier League and The European Championship League, scored hundreds of goals, and was awarded the best premier league player twice. He even speaks about visualization in his best-selling book. 

Go to your drawing board

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Another of the self-management tools is to go to your drawing board. Not an actual drawing board, but a piece of paper, a notebook, calendar, or an application like Trello. The idea here is to make a plan that you will fit into your life. There is no need to make radical changes like quitting your job, shaving your head, and set yourself on a quest for finding yourself. 

Gradual, but continuous changes can go a long way. Whatever the plan or goal might be, the most challenging part is being consistent and following through.   

You can ask someone to help you out, be there for you to keep you on track. But, if that’s not realistically possible, then you need to look towards technology.

Trello is one of the many apps online that can help you on track. Same as like a friend, but with better memory. Not only the app can help you organize your projects and activities in a fun manner, but it also has its trello time tracking extension. The tracking extension will keep track of all your activities, so you don’t have to. That way, whether it is a work thing, or an activity related to some life goal, you don’t have to worry about how long you will spend doing that – the app covers that part. 

Go in your no excuse mode

So you got all planned nicely, the only thing that remains is to follow your plan. Being persistent and continuously reminding yourself of the end game will get you there. 

From time to time, take a moment and check your progress and how you are doing. The more significant the growth, the more motivated you will feel. After a while, your plan will feel more of a good habit and not like a challenge. 

Your biggest challenge will be to get through the first few weeks without quitting. Once you go through that initial period, all will be smooth sailing onwards. 

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