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Scientifically Vetted Mind Enhancement For The Whole Family

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Scientifically Vetted Mind Enhancement For The Whole Family

The less healthy your habits are, the more you’re building resistance against proactive neurological development mentally. When you suddenly curtail that resistance, the effect is similar to pulling back a rock in a slingshot, then suddenly letting go.

Granted, you can pull on the elastic too long, and eventually it will break without launching whatever bauble has been loaded into the cloth at the back end of the rubber. But generally, if you pull that slingshot back long enough, you are going to store up potential energy.

There is a peak of energy which can be stored before damage is done to the elastic portion of the sling, and extending this analogy out to people indicates that curtailing mentally advancing supplements too long could be dangerous. People’s elastic breaking point will differ per individual.

That said, if you’ve lead an unhealthy lifestyle, don’t think that disqualifies you from effectively using mind-growing supplements. As a matter of fact, it could make you—or your children—ideal candidates. Mind enhancement supplements can make a significant difference.

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New Breakthroughs In Neuroscience Reveal Positive Possibilities

For years, doctors and scientists said that when brain cells die, they can’t be recovered. Those scientists were incorrect, and this has been common knowledge since at least 2005, when this article was written.

As it turns out, new neurons can be grown throughout adulthood, though it becomes difficult with age. You’ll understand when you realize that the most stimulating mental activities involve some quotient of exercise. Sex is a great activity for growing brain cells.

Whenever there’s an environment cognitively interesting or exciting, you’re going to experience new brain cell growth. Having fun is good for the brain. Taking vacations is good for the brain. Experiencing new things—even new things you may not generally like—is good for the brain.

The key is getting your mind into a position where it must think critically. This is more easily done through positive, entertaining activities; though it can also be positively accomplished through negative activities. Some people like to challenge themselves, and when they do, they’re building new neural pathways.


The Supplemental Angle

In addition to activities which stimulate the brain, it turns out there are also supplements which can be taken to help facilitate brain growth. You’ve likely heard of ginkgo biloba, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg. As it turns out, there are substances regularly ingested that are good for the brain.

Coffee stimulates the brain, but there are negative side effects which are extensive and egregious. The most unrelenting of them is the headache which accompanies abrupt restriction of caffeine intake. Such headaches will usually develop anywhere from half a day to a day and a half later.

Now you can chug a cup of coffee to get past these negative side effects, but it’s not going to take any effect for several hours after ingestion, meaning the analgesic qualities which regularly delay pain are curtailed by your own metabolism. And a headache from abrupt coffee quitting can be terribly painful.

However there are additionally supplements which are conducive to healthy brain development, and don’t leave any lingering side effects if normal ingestion is curtailed for one reason or another. One of them is Alpha Brain.

You can find a leading supplement’s review of Alpha Brain on, one of the supplement’s leading benefits being that Alpha Brain: “…is a safe and effective supplement for anyone looking to enhance their cognitive function…there is also evidence that the benefits could be greater for users who have a less than healthy lifestyle to begin with.”

Editor’s note: This is a promotional article.

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