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Retired but Not Tired. What Happened to the Retirement Money?

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Retired but Not Tired. What Happened to the Retirement Money?

I retired but was not tired and  that’s a good thing because I needed to “start all over.”  We will be talking about getting yourself ready for retirement more and more and will use this space to do so. And I don’t mean this is for “old people.” It’s  for you, too, no matter what you age. If you are retired and tired, you have a problem so let’s get you  going while you are “retired but NOT tired.”

Let me tell you why.

Retired but not tired

I had a good life. With a masters degree in nursing, I had a long and rewarding career in the healthcare field. As a wife and mother I took some years off to take care of a very busy household. I had a successful, well-known husband and two very active boys.  When they graduated from high school I thought I “had it made.”


I didn’t think about what would happen when I retired.

My husband d

retired with no income

ecided that after all those years of marriage he needed something/someone younger and more exciting and after several years of watching him have one affair after another I filed for divorce. I was still working so all was well. I continued to get older and job opportunities dwindled but I was o.k.

When I was 65 I applied for Social Security and received a check for a little over $800. Not much to live on. I continued to work and did well although there was nothing left over to save.

When the financial crunch came a few years ago, I lost my biggest client and, because no one else was hiring, I lost my house.

Last year, again on my feet, I made a decision to move. I carefully did a budget and saw that I could do it and moved to a lovely new community into a modest apartment. Two months later, my employer could no longer afford to use my services and is still fighting to save his company.

Who could have predicted these things?

Not me.

I now have several irons in the fire. And so at 80 I am still able to make a living. I’ve met a wonderful man and life is good.  I am retired but not tired yet. But income is still a major challenge.

I had always thought that when I reached my “golden years” I would sit, holding hands with my husband watching the sunset, etc. You know the dream. It just didn’t work out that way.

What about YOU? Do you have money for retirement?

Pay attention.

Smell the coffee.

Get yourself lined up to have an income after retirement.

Have you read about older, retirees eating cat and dog food? I haven’t had to do that but I now see why they had to do it.

Social Security is just a drop in the bucket in terms of covering expenses, even if it has to cover the cost only of daily living.

Unless you have a bank account in seven figures, the time to start is NOW (and even with seven figures it wouldn’t hurt to have an income stream for the time when you are retired)

Stay tuned for more.

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