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Reignite Your Love Life This Valentine’s Day

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Reignite Your Love Life This Valentine’s Day

The demands of daily living are enough to wane relationships. When resistance to sex builds up, it threatens to terminate a relationship. It ruins the peace of mind of the couples in question. Very few people admit insecurity. When love waxes, we curl away with painful memories of a once hot love. The future becomes an insecure zone, and passion is only a memory. This Valentine, things have to change. If your love life has of late been feeling like a norm, or like a duty, sit back and relax; we are going to learn how to reignite that love life as we prepare for the valentines. Here is how:

  1. Rev up a sagging libido with Tongkat Ali

With Tongkat Ali, your sex life will give Fifty Shades a run for its money. Tongkat Ali increases the bioavailability of testosterone. This hormone facilitates blood flow to the penile region leading to increased hardness. When the soft tissues of the penis have enough blood and oxygen supply, they get stimulated fast. That alone is sufficient to resurrect a dwindling libido.

Another benefit of Tongkat Ali is its ability to increases performance and endurance. It also enhances virility and vitality. Ginseng can turn a boring sex life to epics of adventure. Ladies consider talking about this supplement with your man. The both of you can take together. As soon as you start the dosage, you will be on your way to lovemaking with a stallion’s stamina.

  1. Talk It Out

Communication is the best remedy for a relationship. Alone, you can say something, but together you can talk about something. While talking it out may not be your strongest point, not communicating could the reason why your feelings are washing down the drain every waking day. Life is a havoc of stress. That is why we get together to counteract the destructive misery of a lonely life. When you are intimate talking should be a driving factor. Bottling up emotions could destroy a kind, loving, and functional relationship. Open and honest communications are a part of healthy relationships.

Talk about what makes you happy, or what turns you off. Tell your partner what you love doing. Disagree to agree. Remember always to use “I” or “we.” Using “you” feels like an attack and may result in defensive mechanisms. Talk about life and sex. Put it all in the open, one thing at a time. Talking helps rekindle what brought you together in the first place.

  1. Be Human

It is normal to feel like initiating a conversation looks like a weakness, but you have got to do it. Other times you do not want your mistakes thrown on your face every time you spark a talk. You know that the truth hurts but hey! Nobody wants to be reminded of their shortcomings every day. The both of you should try to be more human. Humanity is about being imperfect to bring perfection. Living together can drain one emotionally leaving a casket of humanity trapped in a gorgeous body. That kills romance, passion, intimacy, and eventually, love dies too. This Valentines, rekindle all that by being understanding. Be the bigger person. Set some house rules. Check your body language. When your partner hurts you, do not rush back. Settle down first, swallow the pain, and when you are calm enough, talk it out. Learn how to forgive each other. The past is a part of you, but that does not mean bringing back irrelevant mistakes from there to now. Let the past be bygones. When you started out, it was easier to forgive and let go because love was there. Now that that love is dying, why not be more human to rekindle it?

  1. Walk Down the Memory Lanes

When the love was hot so was the sex. You found it easier to talk and fights usually ended in between the sheets (or legs). Deep down you know that you loved to fight just to make up. The heat of the moment was undeniable. The energy, the testosterone, the vibe was hot enough to make you addicted. You liked how he smelt. You loved how she used to get angry fast. The both of you loved each other’s weakness. That is the most beautiful part of a relationship. Then life came, raining havoc to your little heaven. And the both of you sat there letting it strangle the love. Now being together suffocates you. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

This Valentine, it is time to regain what life has taken away from you. It is time to take your partner by the hand, sit down on the floor or your bed and rekindle old love flames. Reread those sweet romantic letters you used to send each other. Go through the gift cards. Find yourselves in the past. Cry over the little things that look stupid. Walk those memories until you awaken that young “you.” As long as you live, life will always throw havocs your way but how you catch them is what matters.

On Valentines, rekindle your love life by walking down the memory lanes. Every step you take creates a memory that you will walk down again someday.

Loving each other even when the odds look overwhelming is the beauty of human relationships. We are nothing without the constant affection and love that other people show us. Because where you can smile alone, you two could laugh it out. Implement the tips above and watch yourselves reignite your love life this Valentine.

Alex Harris

And here is my bio: I started working out in order to keep my mind off things during a tough period in my life, after awhile fitness and health has become an indispensable part of me. Now I just want to share my knowledge in this area in order to help others out.




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