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Please don’t forget Thanksgiving

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Please don’t forget Thanksgiving

(Note: I first published this a couple of years ago. Nothing has changed) Yesterday I decided that I wanted something “Thanksgivingish” to put in the box my son is sending to my grandson.  So I made a quick trip to a store that carries pretty much any thing you would want to buy. Going to the area that carries all the seasonal merchandise, I was surprised to find—basically nothing. There were two small display stands that held paper napkins, table cloths andSanta Claus cooking items. No cornucopias, no fold out turkey centerpieces, no turkeys that poop jelly beans (pardon that one, but it’s a favorite of children). Nothing. There was nothing to give a child that was about Thanksgiving. I wanted to say to the clerks and the store manager, “Please don’t forget Thanksgiving.”

Please don’t forget Thanksgiving

Already, before Thanksgiving,  Christmas was everywhere. Santa prevailed.

People were rushing around with carts overflowing, literally grabbing items that seemed to have its price slashed. The toy section had been moved to the front of the store and there was aisle after aisle of toys and Santas with signs that said “Discount.”

Please don't forget ThanksgivingI went up and down every aisle of that huge store. NO THANKSGIVING ITEMS. In the grocery section there were some turkeys that said they were on sale but the price wasn’t significantly  lower than it had been the week before. And, nothing mentioned getting your Thanksgiving Turkey. They were just turkeys.

To me thanksgiving is so very important. While Christmas has come to be about giving and receiving I wonder if we have forgotten to be thankful for our ability to give and our good fortune at receiving. There are so many people in the world that can do neither.

Thanksgiving is about remembering to be grateful for all we have.

Look around you.

You obviously have a computer or you couldn’t read this. My guess is that you have a smart phone and a tablet as well. You also most likely have a house or apartment and furniture. You probably drive your car to work or have money to take a bus or a cab. If you open your refrigerator, there is most likely food in it (maybe not something you really like, but food, nevertheless). You have at least one change of clothes and probably a closet full. Some of you have stuff everywhere. You could sell half of it or send it to the Salvation Army or Goodwill and still have more than enough.

Are you grateful for any of it? Do you even give it a thought?

Those who have been in hurricanes, floods, fires, tornadoes and failed mortgages know exactly what I’m talking about.

And that’s just STUFF I’m talking about.

Look at the people you love and those who love you. What would your life be like without them?  What don't forget Thanksgivingabout your pets? Are you grateful for that faithful dog who loves you no matter what you do or for that cat that purrs in your lap even though you’re in a grouchy mood at the time? Most of us have every comfort—maybe not fancy, but comfort nevertheless. Do you ever acknowledge that and feel grateful?

O.K. now I’m getting preachy.  My apologies.

I just want you to remember Thanksgiving.

Without gratitude and thanksgiving, there is no true joy in the holiday of giving and receiving. It will become just an exchange of stuff.

Have a “gratitudinous” Thanksgiving.



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