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Pets As A Way to Cope With Stress

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Pets play an enormous role in our lives, and it is vital to understand the importance of their presence. Generally, when thinking of ways to relieve stress, there are a few things that pop into people’s minds. Things like yoga or meditation are what people first think of as stress relievers. However, people very often forget that pets are our best friends and they can totally relieve stress at any time.

Research has shown that pets can be better stress relievers than humans. Many who contradict this opinion might bring their pets’ health issues, such as dog ear infection as proof to why pets cannot be helpful with stress. However, we are here to give you reasons why pets are the best way to cope with stress.

Pets lower blood pressure

If you happen to have pets already then you will be able to confirm the amount of joy and love they can bring to people’s lives. Studies have shown that pets are capable of controlling one’s blood pressure and even reducing it when needed. Blood pressure is very much interlinked with stress as it is a physical measure of stress. Research has shown that pet owners are less likely to have a lower risk of heart disease than people who do not own pets. Thus, there is a massive link between your health, particularly your blood control and owning a pet.

Petting your dog, cat or other pets lowers the blood pressure reading. The same effect can be with pets that cannot be pet by people. Fish are a great example, just watching them is enough to reduce stress, and studies have proved this. It is no coincidence that many doctors hold fishes in an aquarium in their offices. This is a great way to reduce stress and stabilize your blood pressure.

Pets encourage you to exercise

This is something that does not work with just any pet. It mostly concerns dog owners, who can be the best partner for your daily exercise. It is no petsnews that exercising is one of the key ways to reduce stress. Thus, pets are a great way to increase the incentives for people to exercise. People walk their pets for different reasons. Sometimes it is just a necessity, in other cases, you just enjoy walking with them. Whatever your reason is, the outcome is the same, and hence, this is a reason enough to consider owning a pet if you don’t already.

Pets keep you from feeling lonely

Love is what everyone needs and this is one thing that any pet guarantees to give their owners. Love is also something that affects people mentally both in a good and bad way. Thus having a


pet and knowing that it provides love to you already means that you will not be facing any problems with stress. Us humans are social beings, and thus loneliness is a source of being under stress. Pets along with their unconditional love and loyalty will keep you away from feeling lonely and being in stress because of that.

Pets are also known to encourage friendly interactions with other people. In other words, they have the ability to keep us engaged on a daily basis which helps us feel more positive and thus less stressful. Also, when we are out walking with our pets, there is a high probability that we become more approachable. It is a great way to increase the network of our friends and acquaintances. Friendlier interactions with people further reduce stress. Thus this is another proof as to why pets are a great way to relieve stress.

Final Thoughts

We have explored many reasons why pets appear to be one of the highest stress relievers in our lives. If you do not already own a pet, reading the advantages should wake up the desire to own one. No matter what kind of a pet you own, they are known to relieve your stress at some level in your life. If you already do own a pet, then you will start recognizing the effects of the presence of your pets in your lives. Otherwise, when considering owning a pet, you will get to know one of the most positive influence they will have in your life. You should appreciate the role your pet plays in your life and start understanding how to cope with your stress with the help of them!

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Maria Harutyunian is the PR team lead at Vet Organics . She writes about dog and pets, in general, to help pet owners like her take better care furry family members.

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