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Overcome The Negativity Within Your Mind With These Steps

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Do you find yourself always being the ‘Negative Nancy’ within your group of friends? Is negative thinking tearing apart your self-esteem? Not only can these thoughts wreak havoc on your self-confidence, but it can also create depression and anxiety; which then adds to your problems. Luckily, there are ways to go about handling these negative thoughts that are overpowering your mind and in turn will be able to give you back your life. With a few simple steps, along with consistency, you can find yourself having a more positive outlook on your life.

It’s all in your head

A mind is a powerful place; it can make or break your experience if you let it. However, your negative thoughts can be controlled and reverted into positivity.

Think about it; when you think happy thoughts, you’re bound to be in a good mood. However, when you’re in a miserable mood or having negative thoughts, it tends to affect your day. This example proves the point as to how your mind can hold an extreme amount of power when it comes to controlling your thoughts and emotions.

When you catch yourself having these negative thoughts, stop yourself and replace them with something positive. Even if you don’t believe it, the words and ideas of positivity will reprogram your brain into becoming more positive and accepting.

Tips and tricks to overcoming negativity

One doesn’t become a ‘Negative Nancy’ overnight. In fact, it takes a buildup of negative thoughts and triggers to bring you to where you are at in your current mindset. With that said, you won’t become a positive, self-loving guru overnight either. It’s going to take persistence and consistency. Follow these few simple steps to help overcome the negativity in your mind.

1. Declutter your mind

It all comes back to your mind being a powerful place. Unfortunately, throughout the day we deal with many stressors that cause us to become mentally detached from our world. Meditation can be an exceptional way to declutter your mind and focus on positivity. Clearing your mind from all unnecessary thoughts and negativity helps in the restoration of a fresh slate for your thoughts.

2. Daily affirmations

Beginning your mornings with affirmations of self-worth will give you a fresh start to your day. So what exactly are affirmations and how will they help? Affirmations are little sayings that you repeat to yourself daily. With the repetition of these positive affirmations, you are training your brain to believe in those words (and yourself).

For example:

“I am worthy of all success.”

“I have the confidence to face my fears and achieve my goals.”

With the consistency of these positive affirmations, you are training your mind to believe that you are worthy, successful, confident, etc.

3. Revert to positive thinking

Feed your mind with optimism and release the pessimistic thoughts. When your mind is filled with negativity, you are going to feel miserable. Take those negative thoughts and replace them with positive words. The moment you find yourself saying “I can’t do this” or “I’ll never be good enough” compensate those phrases with one of your affirmations. Give yourself some credit; you are working towards bettering your self-confidence and learning to love yourself. You are good enough and you can do this!

While these tips and tricks may not be the cure-all when it comes to overcoming negativity within your mind, they will help lead you towards a positive thought process. Continue to be persistent in your thoughts and stay consistent with your affirmations. Remember, you won’t change your whole thought process overnight, but you will do it! Believe in yourself and don’t give up!

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 Jackie Torres is a mother of three in addition to a self-empowerment influencer. She has a love for helping others find their self-worth and confidence. Jackie wasn’t always confident in herself, but through many struggles, discovered her self-esteem. She now helps others that struggle to find their spark. You can see more on her website and check out her personal development eBook: Get On YOUR Level.

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