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Online course: Proven paths to the perfect ISFJ life

The ISFJ course is here! It includes three days of videos and supplementary reading materials and a 20-minute one-on-one coaching session with Penelope .  You can purchase this course for anytime, on-demand access. The cost is $195. 

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The only ISFJ I’ve ever been close to is an ex volleyball partner who was so hot that I could have just gone to bed with her and never gotten out. Ever.

And then she became anorexic and looked even hotter, and I felt so guilty thinking that.

I gave up so many chances to play with great partners because I just wanted to spend all day on the court next to her.

But this is not a good opener for a post that is supposedly targeting ISFJs. Here is a better opener:

My brother kept dating for a long time. He kept saying he was looking for a woman who is beautiful and brilliant and kind and fun. And I was like, shut up. You’re not even all those things. I mean, I can’t even remember the last time this brother was fun. The most fun thing he does is laugh at my jokes.

So I told him to just forget it, he couldn’t get that.  But guess what? He found someone, and she’s an ISFJ.

I could write more about that. But the thing is that she would be really upset if I wrote anything else about her on this blog. ISFJs are private people.

I do think she’d be okay that I put a picture of her cat at the top of this post. You know, instead of using a picture of her.

And anyway, the cat came from the farm. Spaying cats on a farm is a whack-a-mole game:  just when we think we got them all, another one appears. So we had two litters of cats and usually we give away the most unfriendly cats to our friends and keep the best ones for ourselves.

But my sister-in-law, who I am really not going to write anything more about after this, is so nice that she inspires me to be nicer, so I convinced the kids to give her the most cuddly kitten from the litters.

But back to the ISFJs.

As an ENTJ, what I share with ISFJs is a need to accomplish things and be productive, but we have totally different tactics for getting there. My strengths have almost no overlap with the ISFJs’ which means I appreciate their skill set more than almost any other type.

Another interesting thing about ISFJs is they are known for not speaking up for themselves, yet every time I announce a new course, the ISFJs pipe up in the comments, asking me when the ISFJ course will arrive.

So here it is. And we will cover all the topics the ISFJs asked for: how to find the ideal spouse, how to earn money without selling your soul, and how to meet your own high standards without making yourself crazy.

Day one: Create stability and security by understanding your type
The ISFJ is one of the most common personality types, but it’s one of the least discussed types. This session will help you understand the strengths of your type and what makes other people appreciate you. Different types will appreciate different aspects of you, and this session will show you quick ways to understand those perspectives.

Also, ISFJs are so busy helping other people find the best, true path, that the ISFJ doesn’t always take time to understand themselves. This session will give you a deep understanding of what you need now to be the person you want to be.

Day two: Efficient, productive life plans that have worked for ISFJs
ISFJs gain stability from balance between their complementary personality traits. This session will show you tips for maintaining that balance.

For example, the balance between productivity (focus on action) and emotional attentiveness (focus on listening) is your specialty. And when you are maintaining this balance, not only will the people around you feel good, but you’ll feel good as well.

Also, maintaining your high standards without veering into perfectionism is a key to ISFJ planning. This session will show you how to avoid the pitfalls of perfectionism when laying out your plans and goals.

Day three: Roles that feel fulfilling for the ISFJ
This session will show you roles that will allow you to be your best self.  For example, your superpower is helping people, and you are incredible at executing plans in the fastest, smartest way possible. But in order to use those strengths, you need alone time to recharge.

Also your ability to collect information about people and logistics is unparalleld, but sometimes you are so good at what you do that people take advantage. This session will show you how to be the backbone of society without feeling crushed.

One-on-one Coaching Session
Once you’ve finished watching the videos, I invite you to call me for a 20-minute coaching session where we can discuss anything you’d like. Please email me at penelope@quistic.com to set up a time to talk. You’ll be pleasantly surprised how much we can accomplish in just 20 minutes.


 Sign up now. 

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