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No one’s got ideas like an ENTP. Here’s how to use them.

This course includes four days of video sessions and email-based course materials. You can purchase this course for anytime, on-demand access. The cost is $195.  Sign up now!

Whenever I feel like I am a social aberrant because of how many corners I cut, I think about my ENTP friend Cassie. What do you call it if you are cutting more than the corners? Slicing and dicing? That’s what Cassie does.

Cassie is the only person I’ve ever met who has more ideas than I do. Cassie’s attention span is like, fifteen seconds, so her ideas flow faster than mine. Basically, Cassie stays with an idea long enough for everyone to tell her it’s brilliant, and then she moves on.

Cassie and I take little vacations, with Melissa. We do weekends away.

Qustion: What do an INTJ (Melissa) an ENTJ (me) and an ENTP (Cassie) do in a swanky hotel room far away from home?

Answer: We work. But it’s so fun to work in the same hotel room because we all like doing each others’ work. Here’s how it goes.

Cassie never stops spewing ideas. About anything. She’ll do ideas about anything. But sometimes we need a break. This is a picture of Cassie panicking when we tell her she has to stop telling us her ideas.

We say, hold on. We have to sort through all your ideas to figure out what we can use. Cassie says okay fine, and she gets on the phone to tell someone else her ideas.

Once I mentioned, in passing, that Melissa, Cassie and I have been fired from every job we’ve had.

Cassie said, “That is so not true! I have never been fired!”

I said, “What do you mean? I fired you.”

“It doesn’t count,” Cassie said, “because you hired me again as a contractor.”

So then you could say Cassie has never been fired. Because no one can resist her.

Because, for example, Cassie can do anything in under an hour. But you’d never know it, because, as Cassie says, she does value-add billing. Which means she bills for more time than she works. All the time.

Whatever. Melissa and I hire Cassie so much because she’s so fast and so smart.

I tell you all this to tell you that Cassie is a totally standard issue ENTP. This is what they’re all like. Smart. Savvy. Unemotional, except if they are getting excited about their ideas.

I am so happy to do a course for ENTPs because I think they will all be like Cassie… well, or like the only coaching client I’ve ever had a crush on. He was an ENTP. He was so funny. And he was applying for a job to take over the world, and I thought he would be my perfect match. Except that ENTJs and ENTPs are the only serious rule breakers of all sixteen personality types. So it’s for sure that if I were married to an ENTP we’d both find ourselves in prison.

Actually maybe you could think of this course as a public service because it’s going to be a million ways for ENTPs to make money without breaking the law.

Day one: Understand how everyone sees you. 
You are great at seeing what other people need, what they want, what they are saying vs. what they are doing. But it’s harder to tell how people see you. You are complicated, so different people can see different parts of you clearly. And some people don’t understand you at all. This session will help you know what people are thinking about you before you even talk. (As if there even is a moment before you talk!)

Day two: How to rise to the top into corporate life. 
You need to re-create the company to accommodate you. You are not easily managed, you do not play well with others. But you do manage up very well, so we’ll talk about how to make sure everyone above you loves you — that’ll get you the power you need to get your ideas implemented. We’ll also talk about what to do in the meantime, if you are surrounded by office drones.

Day three: How to work for yourself. 
Outsource. Really. You need a lot of people to help you because your ability to do the grunt work is very low. Like, non-existent. But you are so good at connecting with people about ideas that you should be able to generate business with your creative intellect and you can delegate the work to people who will like doing it a lot more than you. This session will show you the myriad of ways to work for yourself, no matter what else is going on in your life at the time. For an ENTP there is always the possibility of more income.

Day four: Ask me anything!
Every question you have about your ideas, your dreams, your co-workers. Even your in-laws. This is the night to ask.

Remember, the cost is $195. 
Sign up now!

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