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Moving In Together Successfully

moving in together

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 Once one finds his or her life partner, moving in together is the ideal way of strengthening the relationship. Once lovers decide to start living together, at times the biggest challenge they face is agreeing on a design that will guide their home decor.

5 Tips that enable couples to design their space peacefully

Discuss your ideas and form a mood board

Communication is Key in any relationship. If there is something you despise but your spouse likes it a lot, discuss it thoroughly until you come into a mutual agreement.  Do this before moving in together. For instance, if your husband wants to keep an item because it was a gift from his late parents, you should accept that because it has sentimental value.

In creating a mood board, use tools such as Pinterest or store images of the designs that you love in magazines and books to begin a design profile. Go through various images and pick the ones you are more attracted to. You will find that there are repeating features such as softer tones or plants or even patterns. Determine the common design elements and focus on them before moving in together

Determine which rituals are crucial and who will use the place more

Before you say how the place will be decorated, couples should figure out together how space will be used and who will use it more often.

Ensure that the space functions in a manner that satisfies both of you. If there is a section that is more crucial to one of you, prioritize the design for the one who will use the place more.

moving in together


For instance, take activities such as watching TV, playing PC games or mobile casinos. If you love watching TV often and your spouse prefers reading books, you will have to compromise. Consider how often you watch TV and how huge a part of it is in your relaxing at home

. If you both love watching TV then consider moving the TV to another room. However, this battle can be difficult if one of you loves watching TV too much. Think about how you will not want to move your partner to a different room just because you do not want the TV to mess your decor up. This might be a serious issue to compromise on. Identify what is most crucial to you both and do not compromise with that but outside that.

Take time

Patience is Key if a couple wants to end up with a home that they both love. If you live in a home that you feel confident about, you will live a happy life. You will walk around the house each day feeling happy that it represents you and that is comfortable and welcoming. You will hold parties at your home more often and that will improve your social life and the relationship with your partner will grow stronger.

If you move too fast, you might end up in a mess. Designing a bedroom alone should take some months. Choose all pieces together before buying anything and do not pick anything without thinking through the whole space.

Get in sync on the amount to spend

Design dilemmas can get worse if the couple is not aligned on the amount to spend. Any couple that wants to decorate their home must first have a rough idea of the amount of money that will be needed. A budget should be prepared before moving in together. 

A budget will also help in identifying priorities and the places where couples need to invest their money. They may want to invest in a sofa or a bed because they spend most of their time there. Also, if they love cooking a lot, the couple may want to invest in an expensive stove as well.

Also, budgeting is a very important exercise because it helps couples to get more on board with financial investments.

Feel free to fuse styles

If there is a color that you both like, choose it as the theme for your house. The main design of the house can have the design preferred by one of you and it can incorporate elements of what the other person prefers.

Fusing design is highly recommended since, in reality, space can be translated into so many unique aesthetics which will all look nice. You only need to determine what works best for you.


Interior design is fun and so you cannot let it break your relationship. Just enjoy moving in together with your partner. Also, bear in mind that décor evolves with time, so if you do not love it now, just give it time. In the end, you and your partner will come into agreement on what will work for you both.

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