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Making Money From More Than One Paycheck Can Help You Follow Your Dreams


This year I’ve been focused almost entirely on helping people take action. Side Hustle School, my daily podcast, shines a spotlight on people who are creating freedom and security for themselves (and making more money, too).

In my new book, SIDE HUSTLE, you’ll get a 27-day plan to go from idea to income. It’s meant to be as straightforward as possible: follow this plan and you will have something to show for it within a month.

A few people have asked: why is everything so practical? What happened to “follow your dreams”?

Well, the thing is, for nearly a decade now I’ve tried to show people real-world action plans, whether for travel hacking, starting a business for under $100, or just questioning authority in general.

In this case, creating another source of income can help you follow whatever dream you have. It feels really good to get paid outside your normal paycheck.


I don’t want to tell you what your dreams should be; those are for you to figure out. But if you have a dream, you can either follow it or choose to let it die. Which will you choose?

SIDE HUSTLE costs $25 or less and can help you in a very practical way.

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