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Lynn Cockrum-Murphy Talks about “Unfolding the Mystery of Self” on This Week’s Show

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Lynn Cockrum-Murphy Talks about “Unfolding the Mystery of Self” on This Week’s Show

What if you start out in life on the wrong side of the tracks? Or what if someone abused you or you were orphaned at a very young age?  What if your beginning had any number of negative  occurrences? On the other hand, what if you start out well,mystery of self but then life falls apart? Do you have to stay there? Absolutely not! Lynn Cochrum-Murphy shows how anyone can overcome obstacles. Furthermore, she says the potential for enlightenment is available to the most ordinary of people. She has traveled the path of personal growth from victim to empowered masterful healer and spiritual being. Lynn will share her unique path and process of growth with us. She will also talk about her newly published book, Unfolding the Mystery of Self: We are Never Alone.”

Lynn’s Bio

Mystery of Self
Lynn Cockrum-Murphy

Our Guest, Lynne Cockrum-Murphy is an intuitive consultant specializing in helping people move forward on their spiritual path. Lynne received her Bachelor’s degree from the University of Nevada, Master’s Degree from the University of Oregon, and her doctorate from Arizona State University. In addition to these degrees, she is a certified ThetaHealer® and Instructor, a certified Access Consciousness Bars® healer and Instructor, a channel, a licensed substance abuse counselor since 2003, She is also an adjunct university professor, meditation instructor and a best-selling author. Further, Lynn recently released her third book, “Unfolding the Mystery of Self – We Are Never Alone,” an Amazon #1 best seller.

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