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Let’s “Talk Turkey” About Thanksgiving

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Let’s “Talk Turkey” About Thanksgiving

What are we celebrating? Black Friday or Thanksgiving? Let’s “talk turkey” about Thanksgiving and what it means.

Let’s Talk Turkey about Thanksgiving

I know I have heard much more about shopping,  what time stores open and which ones will be open all day on Thanksgiving than I have heard about the holiday itself. The advertising started before Halloween. I’m beginning to think it’s more “Black November” than black Friday.

What about you?

Thanksgiving is a day for being grateful—for, well, giving thanks. It comes in the Fall after the harvest because now there is a bounty of food (Yep! And if you buy $100 worth of food you can get a turkey FREE). The early settlers in this country celebrated the harvest and set aside a “day of giving thanks.” As President of the United States, George Washington proclaimed the first nation-wide thanksgiving celebration in America marking November 26, 1789, “as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favours of Almighty God”. (See Wikipedia)  As time passed Thanksgiving became an official holiday in both the U.S. and Canada (although on different days).

It generally is celebrated as a day when family gets together to celebrate “the bounty”—the good things that have happened, the new babies, the new jobs, the promotions, the awards, the goodness of each other and our neighbors (our harvest has changed but the gratitude is the same). It has evolved into a day of overeating, watching football, and just having a great time with your family and friends.  There’s nothing wrong with that. I’m grateful for all those things— even football.

Black Friday is one day away

But now it has become a day to go out and shop so you can get to the “good stuff” before Black Friday starts. I WANT MINE FIRST! Isn’t that it?

This whole thing turns me off! What about you?

It seems like all holidays—yes I mean ALL holidays—have become a celebration of greed and “getting stuff at a good price.” Memorial Day, for example, is the best time for buying a new car; for Easter you buy new clothes.  There are Independence Day Sales,  Valentine’s Day Sales, and Veteran’s Day Sales, etc., etc., etc.  Every occasion has a sale connected with it these days and we hear more about the sale than we do about the holiday itself.

I know buying stuff creates jobs, boosts the economy, and  brings in sales taxes. I’ve owned a business and understand the importance of sales. But it seems to be getting out of control.

I’m just saying it would be nice to get things back in balance. I can handle Black Friday but black November is a bit much.

Thanksgiving is a matter of the heart and spirit. It is a time for gratitude. If you have to go to work on this Holiday, then be grateful that you have a job and a family.

Even if you’re alone you can celebrate Thanksgiving.

Take a moment to be grateful. Reflect on all you have: friends, family, food, good times, love, health a good mind, freedom, education.  Be grateful for Life, for breath.Be grateful for turkey!

If you’re having a hard time right now the list may be shorter, but if you reflect on it, you do have things to put on a gratitude list.

Perhaps the best way to restore Thanksgiving is to celebrate it every morning when you get up and every night when you go to bed. You don’t even need a turkey to do that.

Me?  My gratitude list is very long.  I’m grateful for you and the fact that you’re reading this blog.




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