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 Kick the Habit! How Vaping Helps You Quit Smoking

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There are few choices you can make which will have a bigger positive impact on your life than quitting smoking. From reducing your exposure to long term risks like cancer to improving the way you feel each day or when taking part in strenuous activity, the benefits of giving up cigarettes are plentiful. With so many great reasons to quit, why do so many people still smoke regularly? Because the addictive nature of nicotine in cigarettes makes it very difficult to quit the habit. Using vapes with nicotine in them is a great way to give up cigarettes and make a positive change in your life today.

Cut Out the Chemicals

Although nicotine may be the reason smokers become addicted to their vice, it’s not the only chemical present when you light up. Each time that urge for nicotine flares up and you satisfy it with some nicotine, it brings with it many other chemicals which are even more harmful for your health. These toxic components include arsenic and lead and contribute to increasing the risk of cancer in smokers. With nicotine ejuice you get the same fulfillment of your desire for a smoke without all the additional toxic elements coming along for the ride. This is why using a vape with nicotine is such an excellent way to kick the habit.

Ditch the Stench

Although some people like the smell of burnt tobacco, that is not a uniformly held position. Many others find the smell of smoking to be anywhere from mildly unpleasant to extremely off-putting. Unfortunately, smoke from cigarettes also has a great deal of staying power, with the smells you or your home are emitting letting those you encounter know you enjoy smoking even if it’s been hours since you last lit up. Because vapes don’t emit smoke and instead deliver the nicotine through the vapor, the smells it leaves behind are not as long-lasting. Vape products also come in a wide range of flavored vape juice so you can give off smells that nobody else would even know are from a vape at all.

Take the Reigns to quit smoking

The biggest hurdle to clear when quitting smoking is dealing with the intense pangs for a smoke which can arise while you wean yourself off of them. With products which seek to provide alternative sources of nicotine through the steady application of small doses, like you would receive from a nicotine patch, these surges in desire are a big threat. It is all too easy to convince yourself that just one cigarette to ride it out won’t hurt, only for that one to open the flood gates. When following a plan with a nicotine vape you can indulge these overly strong urges with more of your vape, so that you never have to risk smoking a cigarette to get through the rough patches.

Help Yourself by Helping Others

Living a better life and improving yourself is about more than just looking out for your own interests, you need to think about others, as well. Smoking is one of the more hazardous hobbies for non-participants that you can possibly take up, as second-hand smoke can expose even non-smokers to many of the same risks you take on with each cigarette. Because vapor lingers for a shorter time and contains fewer harmful chemicals it is safer for those you are near, and the pleasant smells of flavored vapor are also more pleasant on others’ noses.

Ultimately, nicotine is still a harmful product and you should set a goal to stop consuming it altogether. By changing how you receive your nicotine to the safer option of a vaporizer, however, you remove many of the immediate risks of smoking and make the process of getting off of nicotine more effective and safer.

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