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Job Interview jitters? Enhance Your Mental Mindset

job interview jitters

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Do you have a case of job interview jitters?  If you do, this article can help you get over them and ace your interview. Enhancing your mental mindset before an important job interview that could launch your career in a big way is very important. Too many people walk into a job interview feeling pumped up, nervous, and anxious, when they should feel relaxed and attentive. It’s easier said than done to get into this kind of mindset at any time, let alone when heading into a job interview, but there are ways you can help yourself get there.

Job Interview Jitters

It’s easy to overthink heading into a job interview, but everything you need to focus on lies within your self. By staying calm, being as prepared as you can be, and believing in yourself, you can handle even the toughest, most stressful job interviews.

Self Care Before the Interview

It’s all about taking care of yourself and giving yourself a fair shot at doing well in the interview. There are a number of activities for self-improvement that are good for you and your mental condition ahead of a big day in your life. As a professional person, you need to figure out what you need to do to put you in a positive mindset when preparing for an interview.

Take care of yourself and treat yourself to a day that helps you get in a positive mindset.

Activities to consider before an interview to help you remain calm:

  • Yoga and/or meditation.
  • A long walk or jog.
  • Read a book that will help you relax.
  • Listen to music or a podcast with headphones.

It’s important to be in the best shape possible so take a deep breath and decide what exactly that is. By considering your mental mindset before an interview, you are improving your chances of overcoming the job interview jitters and getting the job.

Consider Taking a Prep Test

Mock assessment and aptitude tests are becoming more common during the interview process in today’s world. They are a good way for employers to weed out people who do not fit and to get a better feel for the candidates they have available.

These tests are usually given to a small group at the same time and are filled with situational questions to test basic IQ and personality levels. The employer will usually give candidates a heads up before having them take the test, but some may not.

Most times, the test is given early on in the interview process before 1-on-1 meetings and should take up no more than two hours.

A common assessment test is the SHL test, which is very popular among large companies that operate in a highly stressful environment. These tests are known to be very tough and have a very low passing grade. They are given by employers to test how someone reacts in a time scenario where they are required to remain calm and perform strongly.

Meet With a Professional in the Industry

Before you head into a big job interview, it might ease your mind if you are able to meet with another professional in the industry that doesn’t work with the company you’re interviewing with. 

An expert who has excelled in the industry can provide some insight into what a successful interview is and how you can really impress your potential new employer. They’ve been in this situation before and might be able to give you career advice to help you launch your career.

Even if you just chat with another professional, it can give you peace of mind and boost your confidence ahead of the interview. This will help you walk in calm, composed, and in a positive mental mindset so you can be at your very best for this big interview.

Do Something You’re Good At

Your mental mindset is all about your self-confidence. If you feel confident and positive in your abilities, you will be able to answer questions more clear and concise. If you lack confidence, your answers will be hazy and indirect. This is not ideal and  is a basic cause of job interview jitters. 

Interviews like someone who is confident in themselves, especially if you are already confident as you walk into the job interview.

To gain a quick dose of confidence, you can do something you are comfortable with and are good at, like a hobby or a sport. By completing an activity that boosts your confidence and are used to, you will be able to boost your self-confidence ahead of an intimidating job interview.

Ready to enhance your mental mindset?

If you have an important job interview coming up, you are probably considering your mental mindset as it gets closer, as you should be.

Too many people think about the job and get worked up over the approaching interview without preparing. Even if you aren’t sure of the questions you might be asked or the people you will be meeting with, you can prepare by doing your research and enforcing a routine that will help you get in the right mental mindset.

From clearing your head, to taking a prep test, to meeting with an industry professional – there are tons you can do to banish the job interview jitters and enhance your mental mindset before your next interview.

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 Darcy Cudmore is a Journalism graduate now working with PrepTerminal. He has experience in PR, digital marketing, and communications. Find him sitting with a Stephen King book in his hands.



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