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Independence Day 2018 — How Free Are You?

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Independence Day

Today is Independence Day! On this day in 1776 our leaders signed the Declaration of Independence which proclaimed that we were created equal and have rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

We fought a war and we won. We were free from Great Britain’s rule. Free.

So just how free are you?

I’m not talking about politics here or the state of the country. I’m asking about your own personal freedom. How free are you?

Are you subservient to prejudices and stereotypes? Do you reject other people because of the color of their skin or their national origins, their age, sexual orientation, religion or their education? Prejudice means, as you know, that you pre-judge. You make up your mind without knowing the facts and make statements like “All _____________ are dumb” or “All _____________ are dishonest.”  “All _____________ should be run out of the country.” You fill in the blanks. If you are shackled by prejudice, you are not free but bound by preconceived ideas without any input from you.

If you make your decisions based on prejudice and stereotypical thinking, you are not truly free.


Are you free from what you were told you had to believe when you were a child? Have you considered and made decisions for yourself about what you believe about the important things in life like:

  • God/Religious/spiritual beliefs
  • Politics
  • Freedom
  • Education
  • Who you are and what you’re here for
  • Sexuality
  • Gender Roles
  • You get the idea.  Do you spout out the same words your mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother taught you or have you thought things through for your self and made a conscious, rational decision about each area? If you accepted those teachings, fantastic. If you have come to different conclusions, fantastic. At least you know what you stand for.

If you have gone forward like a sheep without making decisions for yourself and what you believe, you are not free—you are a slave to someone else’s beliefs.

Are you a captive?

Are you free from emotional entanglements that keep you from realizing your full potential? Or are you a captive of

  • fear
  • hatred
  • anxiety
  • low self-esteem
  • depression
  • shame
  • loneliness
  • grief
  • victimhood

If you are not addressing your emotional entanglement head on, then you are the slave to your own emotions and are not free.

How about your relationships?

What about your relationships? Are you in a relationship that keeps you from being who you truly are, that keeps you beaten down or controlled by another? Do you have your own dreams, goals, likes, and dislikes or did you give them up for the relationship?

Take a look at your life.

What about your job? Are you free to be creative, successful, and feel good about yourself? This may not be a good time to think about switching jobs, but is this what you want to do for the rest of your life? Are you held back by your own thinking?

What about your Pursuit of Happiness? Did your dreams and aspirations get lost or squelched along the way? Can you get them out and dust them off and begin again?

We could go on and on with questions that only you can answer.

Take some time to think about it today and make a decision to declare it your own personal Independence Day!

Free at last!




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