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How Yoga Protects Your Body While Traveling


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Are you aware of how yoga helps you when you travel? We often hear people telling us their travel stories. They tell us about how it makes their souls feel tranquil and at peace when they pack their bags and leave for a new place. It does sound appealing, doesn’t it? It is indeed very attractive but is quite an effort to be at that stage of serenity. Yoga is one way to enjoy every inch and bit of your travel.

Every time you travel, you learn something new and meet very different kinds of people. You expose yourself to unfamiliar surroundings and take in as much as you can. When your soul is at peace and your body fit enough to explore then you are fully equipped to enjoy the time of your life. The combination of yoga and travel is one of the most spectacular and beneficial combinations there ever can be. You can try naming another iconic duo, we will wait!

There are numerous ways through which yoga acts as a protective shield while you are enjoying your trip. From keeping you focused and concentrated on keeping you physically sound, it does it all. We are listing out a few benefits yoga has to offer to the wanderlust in you.

Helps you build stamina

No matter where you are traveling, you do need a certain amount of physical strength to be able to travel and explore the place efficiently. Yoga helps in maintaining a healthy blood flow which reduces any kind of prolonged fatigue. Not just that but the involvement of every muscle in the body while practicing yoga strengthens these muscles while at the same time it also improves flexibility. It provides you with the energy to be consistently active during the entire trip. This helps a lot if you’re planning to go for a trek or camping. Impressive stamina will allow no obstruction in all the fun you’d be having.

Reduces stress and anxiety

We are all aware of how yoga is a great way to reduce any kind of anxiety and stress festering in our minds. When we are traveling, we often come across situations that are beyond our immediate capabilities to deal with. Away from home, out of our comfort zones, even the slightest of inconvenience can trigger negative emotions within us. A regular practice of yoga can help you calm down your mind significantly.

It increases the blood flow towards your brain and the breathing involved assists in a more focused and practical functioning of your thought process. This allows your brain to think rationally and pushes out any kind of negative thoughts that are obstructing you from doing so. Yoga can help you be a mature and responsible adult on the trip.

Ensures sound sleep

It is natural to not be able to sleep in an alien place, on an alien bed. There can be multiple reasons for insomnia during travel. Jet lag, unfamiliar surroundings or homesickness, it can be anything. Not getting a sound sleep can negatively impact the days to follow and will keep you lethargic and drowsy the entire time. You wouldn’t want that now, would you? If you are suffering from the same then, don’t worry because yoga is here for your rescue.

It gently helps you wind up your day. It helps you relieve the tension around your eyes and relaxes your eye muscles. It treats headaches and relieves your body. In such a relaxed state, when you hit the bed, you’d find yourself immediately falling asleep. While it does that, yoga also improves the quality of your sleep. It helps you sleep deeply and for long. It ensures that you don’t face any kind of bodily disturbances that would wake you up at odd hours.

Helps you enjoy better

The one thing you absolutely want to do on a trip is to be able to enjoy. You do not want any kind of obstruction in that and we understand. Everybody is aware of the meditative properties of yoga, but did you know that this meditation will help you enjoy things better?  A lot of yoga postures focus on your breathing to bring down the continuous noise in your mind.

The reduction of stress and anxiety which follows the practice boosts the oxygen levels in your brain which induces happiness and contentment in your life. With such positivity, you will be able to feel your surroundings better. It will allow you to take all that the landscape has to offer and you will enjoy everything that you do in a very wholesome manner.

Helps you maintain good vibes

When you visit a place, one of the best things that you get to experience is meeting new people and making new friends. But one thing you need to keep in mind is that nobody wants to spend time with a cry baby or someone emitting a lot of negative vibes. It spoils everyone’s trip, and honestly, who even wants that?  Practicing yoga will help you develop a positive perspective for everything and keeps you happy. When you are happy and positive, you will emit a very attractive and good vibe. This will make it easier for you to make friends and socialize better.

Lowers the chances of injury

We understand that accidents don’t warn you before happening, but when you are away to an unfamiliar place you should try to be as cautious as possible.  We often indulge in activities that might be a little risky. If we end up injuring ourselves then the whole point of the trip is canceled out. Practicing yoga regularly can help you lower down the risk of any kind of injury.

It helps in balancing the strain on your muscles. It will condition your bones and muscles for extensive movements, stretching and other physical activities so that the adventure activities don’t come off as a shock for your body.  It will always keep your body warmed up and prepared. Not just that but it also unites your mind and body which allows an easy and low impact physical exertion.

Revive the explorer and wanderer within you with the simple practice of yoga. Now you know how to make your next trip more fun!

About the Author:

Manmohan Singh is a passionate Yogi, Yoga Teacher and a Traveller in India. He conducts Ayurveda courses in India and Yoga retreat in Nepal . He loves writing and reading books related to yoga, health, nature, Himalayas and Trekking in India.

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