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How to Wake Up Energized: 10 Tricks You Can Use

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If you have a problem waking up in the morning and functioning properly during the day – well, join the club!Probably 99% of your colleagues have the same problems, and it’s not like your sister hasn’t asked you about a trillion times to wake her up at 7 AM, no matter how impossible and daunting the task may look in the morning! You have a problem to wake up energized?

Who doesn’t?

Well, according to her majesty Science, the ones who do these ten things:

1. Eat a Lot of Fruits and Veggies

It’s confirmed: you are irrefutably what you eat.

So, if you want to wake up energized, a healthy diet is more than a mere prerequisite.

Research has found that processed food decreases the quality of your sleep and results in grogginess regardless of the number of slept hours.


Just eat a lot of fruit and vegetables during the day! And nothing else after 7 PM!

It seems your grandma was right: you should dinner like a pauper!

2. Be a Sleep-Smart Drinker

We know that oftentimes when you have trouble falling asleep, for some reason, your instinct tells you that a glass of wine should do the trick.

Well, your instinct is right – but a bit short-sighted!

You see, alcohol does have strong sedative effects, but it also severely reduces the production of melatonin, which plays a key role in the regulation of the sleep-wake cycles.

So, even though a glass of wine may help you fall asleep, it will also hinder the quality of your sleep.

Which leaves us no choice but to emulate your parents once again: no alcohol after 7 PM!

3. Stay Away from the (Blue) Light

Speaking of melatonin suppression –

According to Shawn Stevenson, author of “Sleep Smarter,” every hour you are exposed to the blue light coming off of your devices, your melatonin production is suppressed for about half an hour.

What this essentially means is that your morning exhaustion is the price you pay for falling asleep with your favorite Netflix TV show.

How about switching to books?

The only light they emit is metaphorical.

4. Wake Up Every Day at the Same Time

Unlike you, your body doesn’t like surprises.

In fact, its goal is to avoid them!

Which boils down to a simple axiom: the more regular your circadian rhythm is, the more energized your body is.

So, why don’t you try and help it out a bit?

It’s simple: just start waking up every day at the very same time, no matter what (yes, that means holidays and weekends included).

In time, your body will get used to this tempo and will wake you up a few minutes before the alarm.

Fully energized and ready to conquer the world!

(OK, to finally make that Excel table…)

5. Snooze Button? What’s a Snooze Button?

You’re not doing yourself any favors by hitting the snooze button over and over… and over again.

And, really, you should be a little kinder and more caring to your own health!

Would you shut down your computer the very second it turns on and then turn it on once again just a few moments after its screen goes black?

Yes, we didn’t think so!

Then why do you keep doing that to your own body!

6. Start Things Off with a Glass of Water

A glass of water should be the first thing you do every morning (of course, in addition to not hitting the snooze button).

We know that you prefer to have a cup of coffee instead, but, come on, your coffee is going nowhere!

The only thing we ask you is to drink a glass of cold water before consuming your caffeine.

We all wake up a bit dehydrated and rehydrating immediately after you open your eyes means replenishing your body with a nourishing dose of oxygen.

Which, translated into simpler terms, means that a glass of water is all but an energy drink in the morning.

7. Meditate

This one should be a no-brainer!

Sure, you can head to the nearest gym and start your day in third gear, but, at least from our experience, nothing compares to starting the day peacefully with a few daily affirmations and a yoga session.

Barely out of bed, and you’re already content with your day!

Now, what can beat that?

8. Hey, Dracula, Get Some Sunlight!

Now, humans didn’t have clocks for hundreds of thousands of years of their existence!

And, science tells us, they didn’t even need them!

Not because their tribe leaders didn’t mind them coming in late for hunting and gathering or because they had more (and more regular) buses, but because they could adjust their lives to the giant clock in the sky, the one we refer to as the Sun.

After all, what’s the point of being awake at night when you don’t have a flashlight or an iPod?

However, even with all this advanced technology, all those years of evolution – and quite a few health-related benefits – have made sunlight-addicts out of us!

So, rise and shine, early bird!

9. Keep a Journal of Your Dreams

This is a neat trick we’ve learned from one of our favorite writers, Vladimir Nabokov.

We wanted to emulate him in keeping a dream journal for an entirely different reason, but we didn’t realize that this is one of the best – and most original – tactics which can help you wake up refreshed and energized.

Because, you see, you can usually only remember your dreams for few seconds after waking up, so you better start scribbling them in your journal the moment you open your eyes if you don’t want to be all exclamation points and question marks afterward.

The byproduct?

A dream journal and an energized morning!

10. Hum in the Shower

OK, the first part of this advice is practically irrelevant!

You can hum if you like to, you can shout if you wish, or you can ruminate over your plans for the day if that’s your preference.

What matters is that you do these things while showering. Preferably – with cold water.

Gandhi knew this, Gabriel Garcia Marquez practiced it, Woody Allen does it quite a few times a day.

Because, showering comes with a bonus: in addition to refreshing you to the very core, it’s also a scientifically-proven eureka-inducing experience!

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