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How to Survive the End of Holidays

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survive the end of holidays

We waited for months, planned, dreamed, organized and now … holidays are passed! Ended.  We feel lost. How do we survive the end of holidays?

It depends on the “post-vacation blues”, a malaise that manifests itself with discomfort, exhaustion and depression.

What can we do?

There are some little tricks that we can implement but, above all, we must learn to work on ourselves. The true goal must not be to survive the return but to succeed in giving us a life that fully satisfies us and from which we must not feel the need to escape for a few weeks.

A Practical Remedy

We return to everyday life, which for the majority of us means returning to work, to the office, to daily tasks. Let us allow ourselves the luxury of resuming with calm. We have to try planning and divide the things to be done so as not to feel overwhelmed, let us remember that often anxiety derives from reasons that are perceived more than real. Let us take breaks, avoid sad faces, distribute cordial smiles and show ourselves to be friendly with colleagues. Working in a serene environment will make everything more enjoyable.

And don’t forget that work cannot absorb all our time. Let’s cut out spaces for us, for friends and family, let’s set nice goals (a weekend trip, an evening with friends, a yoga class) that allow us to relax and have new motivations to face the job.

Cancel the Everyday Dissatisfaction

Have we ever asked ourselves why the return from vacation is so difficult? It’s easy: because our normal life does not satisfy us. A vacation is an ideal situation, where there is only space for what you want to do and everything else is removed. It doesn’t matter if sometimes we end up getting bored, the feeling will still be that we have our days in our hands and we can do what we want. But the holidays, as we have seen, end, and if we are not able to build a daily routine in line with our expectations, taking a couple of weeks off will have served no purpose, just a little will be enough to get back to the levels of stress and discontent that we had accompanied until before departure.

Let’s Start Our New Life

Let’s set a precise date to start with. We must set ourselves this goal: the holiday was a point of departure, on the way back it will be time to start our new life! to succeed in the enterprise it is necessary not to set oneself unreachable goals, impossible that our life is completely turned upside down overnight, but we can introduce small changes that, step by step, will lead us to feel more satisfied and realized. Nothing is perfect and nobody lives in a dream but we have to start appreciating what we have: the affection of our loved ones, our job (ok, it will not be that of our dreams but having one of these is already a source of satisfaction!), leisure opportunities. We have to learn to divide our time, not to take work out of the office, to take up space to be with ourselves, to listen to ourselves, without social distraction like facebook and emails.

It would be great to dedicate ourselves to a passion, a hobby that involves and gratifies us. Hobbies, in fact, include innumerable beneficial effects: they offer opportunities for recreation, they free the mind from stress, they give that enthusiasm that comes from doing something we like and from doing it just for us, they represent new challenges, they allow us to appreciate the present (the here and now in which we dedicate ourselves to them) and have positive effects even on health. Having fun and relaxing we will lower our blood pressure, reduce the risk of depression and even our metabolism will benefit from it.

So, let’s give space to a change, and become aware that the beauty of the vacation is that it is limited in time because, to be happy, we must be able to enjoy our life day by day.

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Annalisa Balestrieri – I obtained a master’s degree in Modern Literature with a psycho-pedagogical specialization at the State University of Milan (with a thesis discussion in “Maturity and immaturity in the experience of young adults”, subsequently published). I am interested in theoretical psychology, I published a book: “L’amore (I’m)perfetto” (Edizioni Psiconline), which deals with emotional dependencies, relationship with idols and reference models. I collaborate with trade magazines with the aim of promoting knowledge of the subject even among non-experts.



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