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How to Minimalize Your Wardrobe For 2018

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Have you heard about Matilda Kahl – the woman who wore one outfit to work for three years straight? Sounds uncanny, right? But Kahl is the living definition of ‘less is more.’ It makes you want to minimalize your wardrobe, which probably is overflowing with unworn clothes.

So if you’ve decided to go on a wardrobe cut-down mission this year, this article is just for you!

Establish the Rules

Minimalizing the wardrobe can be chaotic unless you know what exactly you are aiming for. These rules will help you narrow down your minimalization requirements:

Number of Items: 20 – 30 items excluding accessories, sleepwear, shoes and workout clothes

When to Minimalize: After every three months

Other Considerations: Sort out your clothing, keeping in mind that you will be wearing them for the next three months.

Now that we’ve established the ground rules let’s move on to the minimalization project 2018!

Remove seasonal items

Off-season clothes should have no space in your wardrobe! In the summer, winter clothes need to be boxed up and vice versa. But make sure that the off-season ones you are storing are good enough to be used in the next season. Wardrobe minimalization aims to remove every clothing item that you don’t need and is hogging extra space in your closet.

Clothes that don’t fit shouldn’t sit!

Do you have a lot of clothes in your wardrobe that you absolutely LOVE but have stretched out or shrunk with time? Well, it’s time for them to go out of the closet! Ill-fitting clothes not only take up extra space, but they can also bog you down emotionally and mentally. Seeing those clothes can remind you of how thin or how healthy you used to be, giving you anxiety. It’s better to pass them on to someone who fits the size. However, if you are in-between sizes, keep the ones that you are sure will be useful.

If you can’t decide whether to remove the clothing item or keep it, ask yourself these questions:

  • If it doesn’t fit now, will it fit in the next four weeks?
  • Do you love it enough to wear it multiple times?
  • Are the clothes in good condition?

The answers to these questions will help you come to a decision.

Stick to the basics

The basics should occupy a majority part of the wardrobe. Items like the classic jeans, black leather jackets, and chinos are the ones that are regularly used. You can alternate them throughout the week, mix and match with other clothes and voila, your wardrobe is minimalized and versatile.

Same goes for underwear and socks. Do not stock up on more than ten items. Once you have used them to the fabric, you can discard the old ones and renew your wardrobe.

Selecting the basics

Now that we’ve established that basics are essential, the selection of these items also needs consideration. You want to choose clothing that is versatile, and can be paired with other clothes for both casual and formal looks.

For example, a black leather jacket makes a fantastic wardrobe staple. You can wear it with a floral number for a fun girls’ night out or with a sexy lace dress for a date night.

We suggest that a wardrobe should include the following staples:

  • 2 jackets – 1 black leather jacket, 1 blazer
  • 8 tops – A combination of polo shirts, t-shirts, and button-ups
  • 3 pair of shoes – 1 pair of boots, 1 pair of sneakers, 1 pair of high heels
  • 3 pants – 1 pair of dark wash denim, 1 pair of chinos, 1 pair of jeans
  • 2 dresses – 1 little black dress, 1 formal
  • 3 skirts – 1 casual, 2 formal

Here are some other things you should take into consideration:

  • When making the cut, remember to keep clothes that have neutral, solid colors. They are easy to match with others and don’t stand out as much as bold colors, making them more-repeatable.
  • Make sure that the clothing you are selecting is high in quality. You are going to wear and wash these items a lot, so they should be able to withstand the abuse.

What to do about the accessories?

Shoes, bags, and accessories may be small items, but they do occupy space. The minimalistic guide applies to them too:

  • Instead of shopping for accessories concerning clothes, buy the other way around.
  • Neutral colored accessories (black, white, and gold) work with almost all types of clothes.
  • High-quality accessories that make you feel confident should be a part of your wardrobe.

Playing it safe

If you are worried about dressing up or down, you can try the safe approach by storing not-too-fancy or not-too-casual clothes. This means no sweatpants or sequins in the wardrobe. No trendy or fashion-forward garments; as they will call attention to you when you repeat them too much.

Keep some tops and dresses that work whether you are going grocery shopping or to a dinner party. However, the safe approach can be a bit boring sometimes. So keep that in mind before you sort out your clothes.

Make sure it flatters

Clothes that complement your figure and lifestyle make you feel good even if you wear them multiple times. Therefore, when you are minimalizing, it’s important to stick to clothes that make you feel confident and sexy. If you feel comfortable getting photographed in those clothes, then they should definitely stay in your closet!

Don’t hesitate to eliminate

The only clothes to survive the cut should be the ones that:

  • You absolutely adore
  • Look good on you
  • You wear regularly
  • Do not have holes or stains
  • Suit your lifestyle

Anything that doesn’t fit the criteria mentioned above should be eliminated from the wardrobe.

If you are minimalizing your wardrobe for the first time, you might face some difficulty. But with time you will learn what works for you. Plus, you will spend less money on shopping and less time in getting ready for work daily. Minimalize your wardrobe to simplify your life!


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