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How to Help a Real Friendship Rise From the Ashes

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How to Help a Real Friendship Rise From the Ashes

How often we end our online chatting with friends with a phrase like “we must catch up,” or “let’s meet up some time” Surely, both of you are sincere in your desire to see each other and maintain a real friendship. But in the swirl of modern life when we have to spin the plates (like running business, looking for  the Big Love again, raising children) that intention is not destined to escalate into an action. In most cases these words are only words, and no meeting at the bar with heart-to-heart chats and memories of your funny college/school time takes place.

Develop a Real Friendship

At the same time social networks and dating sites do not let us feel any loss and loneliness, because we have hundreds of friends on Facebook and can easily  make friends online from all over the world at any point of time, without having to dress up and go out. Needless to say that a real contact is often replaced by an online one, and friends from our real life take a back seat. However, it is they who know us better than we do, who enrich us personally, make us happier, less depressed and more satisfied with our lives. And here are some ways how to help real life friendship to rise from the ashes.

  • Stop laying real friendship on the shelf

We often take real Friendship for granted. Meetings with old friends can wait because there are so many urgent things to be done. This approach can lead to breaking any friendly ties. At the end of the day, friendship as well as any relationships, including love ones, requires your involvement and efforts to be taken regularly. That’s why when you delay your meeting again, friendship really suffers.

  • Apply time management tools

Indeed, not many of us can afford spending the whole evening with friends. And that is often the reason why we put off the meeting again and again. Though, it’s not necessary to spend plenty of time to strengthen your friendly relationships. Quality dominates duration. Indeed, it is more important to meet face-to-face, confide your happiness, thoughts or worries, and just have fun. To do this half an hour or 45 minutes can be enough. Spend lunch time with double benefits. Walking the dogs in the morning or just jogging are other opportunities to spend time with friends in case the day is going to be extremely busy.

  • Injecting new fresh air

A new experience, new emotions and a new challenge shared with your friends will never fail to make your friendship stronger. It will change from an acquaintance to a real friendship. The power of new shared experiences is so great that they are able to fill any gap in your relationships. Think together what activities you both would like to try. Maybe, you always dreamt of sky jumping, cooking classes, wine tasting or dance classes. Why not to open this page of your life together. Surely, you’ll never forget this experience and a it’s good occasion to meet each other more often.


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