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How To Develop And Use Your Intuition

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Listening to your “inner voice”—learning to develop and use your intuition—can save your life or the lives of those around you. In 2012 a family was looking for a new home to buy. They found a place which seemed perfect and the kids loved it. However, the mother inexplicably found herself with a strong inner urge against it. The family was upset but the feeling had been so strong she was adamant about not going ahead with the purchase and the family eventually settled elsewhere.

A few months later in December the school which their youngest child would have been attending on the day had they gone ahead with the purchase suffered an unthinkable calamity. The school was Sandy Hook Elementary.

A friend of mine had been looking for a new home in line with his move to another city. He’d found a place which ticked all his boxes, a nice area, close to amenities and the price was right. He’d more or less assumed that he’d go ahead and put in an offer but “something” kept niggling at the back of his mind and gave him a sense of foreboding about it.

He couldn’t explain what it was or why he was feeling it. But it caused him to stop and reconsider and soon after he decided against it. He’s glad he did. Not too long after a gas-related explosion virtually demolished the block and resulted in several deaths.

What Is Intuition?

“Intuition is the ability to acquire knowledge without proof, evidence or conscious reasoning, or without understanding how the knowledge was acquired.” Wikipedia

Intuition is when something is telling you that you “just know” something. As opposed to simply making an assumption about something, an assumption which may be right or wrong, intuitive insights are invariably accompanied by strong feelings of certainty, by a strong “gut” feeling about the rightness – or wrongness – of something which doesn’t go away because everyone else might be thinking otherwise.

Intuitive insights come about as a result of being open to or having access to the subconscious mind. Learning how to develop and use your intuition obviously helps with this.

While your conscious mind is preoccupied only with the immediate reality around you, your subconscious mind already knows the answers to and solutions for your deeper questions and problems.

Benefits Of Intuition

Imagine you had an extremely wise and astute partner whose every thought, word, and action was aimed at helping you deal with and resolve any significant problem you encounter and could show you the right decision to make when faced with an important choice.

Well, you do indeed have such a partner, one who you’re most likely not very conscious of much of the time. That “partner” is your subconscious mind, and the means by which it imparts its wisdom to you is intuition.

Many of the world’s most successful and creative people listen to and respect their intuitive promptings about things and this enables them to make the right moves, choices, and decisions about all aspects of their personal and professional lives.

How To Develop And Use Your Intuition

Intuition ultimately comes from your all-knowing subconscious mind and so the first thing you need to do in order to develop your intuitive faculty is to understand that you actually do have a powerful subconscious mind which is always willing and able to guide you in the right direction if you would allow it to.

Many people are only vaguely aware that they have a subconscious mind, or they conceive of it in an intellectual, abstract kind of way. You need to go beyond this and acknowledge its existence within you with emotion and conviction. When you fully appreciate the power of your own subconscious mind your connection with it becomes much deeper and more energizing, more “emotional”.

Then think about whatever important subject, problem or decision that it is that you need an answer for. Then immerse yourself in any and all information you can find on it. Read all about it, think all about it, talk all about it. Spend a few days doing that.

Get as much information as you can

The purpose is to fill your head with as much information, facts, opinions and advice about it as possible. Don’t try to arrange it in some orderly fashion in your mind. Don’t even try to make any sense of it, just absorb it. Let all the information you’ve absorbed—some of it probably contradictory—swirl around in your mind in an apparently random and inconclusive way.

For the moment, just forget about the “answer”, and let it all start to mentally stew and simmer as it drifts down into the subconscious. Then relax, forget about the whole thing and go about your normal day to day life.

You’ll no doubt have experience of trying hard to remember something or someone but to no avail. Later,  after you’ve forgotten about it, the memory or answer that you were looking for just pops into your head.

Subconsciously derived intuitive insight works in a similar way. After you’ve absorbed all the relevant information, facts, differing opinions and ideas that you can, switch off from it. Relax and forget about it. Sooner or later,  when you’re thinking about nothing in particular, the answer or solution will just unexpectedly come to mind.

It will be like a kind of light bulb moment and will bring with it a sense of certainty. From deep within you’ll “just know” that it’s the right answer or solution. And you find yourself thinking “Yes, of course, that’s it!” Bear in mind though that learning how to develop and use your intuition involves practice. It might be a bit difficult or slow at first. But the more you practice by using the above-outlined method then the more easily and quickly the answers will come.

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