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How To Deal With A Fall Of Shame

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If you have ever had a fall, you know standing up could be a difficult task.  Falling is never a crime because we fall for different reasons that are beyond our control.  The fall could be because you missed your step, you didn’t see the obstacle in front of you or if you are like me, you have a phobia for height.  The after effect of every fall is always shame, even though we have no control over it.  Let’s address how we  can recover from a fall of shame.

Just like we have no control over falling, we have no control over the problems life throws at us.  These problems could cause us to fall and the effects usually leave us feeling ashamed.  Various examples of life’s fall of shame include:  a bad grade at school, job loss, divorce, and a failed business. In worst cases, we hide our face forever and just give up. The next time life causes you to have a fall of shame, these tips should help you stand up stronger and better.  Remember, what matters most is how you deal with the fall.

Don’t be in a hurry to stand up

No matter how many people are looking at you, take your time to get up. Often times, when we are in a hurry to get up after a fall, the next thing we do is hide our face and run away.  There is no point running away in shame. The fall could be for a reason. Take your time to assess yourself and be sure you are good emotionally and physically before getting up.

Don’t be too proud to accept help

In a situation where you have set a high standard for yourself, it might be hard to accept help from others. You might see it as being weak, but we all have our down moments. We all need someone to inspire and help us sometimes when we are in difficult situations.

There are still good people around, accept help when offered. You just went through a difficult situation that you had no control over. It is normal for people to want to help the little way they can. Evaluate your strength and accept the help that will benefit you.

Don’t lock yourself up/hide from everyone

When I got fired from my first job, it was a fall I couldn’t handle. I stayed away from my colleagues and never told anyone. Everyone kept calling to find out, why I wasn’t coming to work, but I kept ignoring their calls and messages. After a year, I went back there to buy a few items and ran into an old colleague. She asked what happened and I told her.

She got mad at me for not telling her because she felt there was something we could have done.  I was so disappointed at myself for hiding from everyone. If I hadn’t shut everyone out of my life, maybe I would have had my job back.  Hence, I missed the opportunity to get my job back. I understand a fall could be very embarrassing, but you could be missing out on great opportunities if you keep hiding. The fall is a phase, and it will definitely pass. Move on and continue with your life.

Ignore the laughter from people

The same way people will sympathize with you and offer to help is the same way people are going to laugh.  There is always that one person that will think it is ok to make fun of your situation. Concentrate on the positive and ignore the negative. You have no control over people’s thought, but you have control over yours.  Remember, the laughter is going to last just for that moment.  People fall daily, so they will find another to laugh at the next second.

Reflect on the wrong steps you took

Even though, most times we have no control over what happens. It is important to think about it because there is always a lesson to learn from every situation. What could you have done differently? What step did you ignore? All these questions will give a clearer view of the situation. No if you skip the lesson, there is a chance it will happen again.  The bad news is that if it happens again, the effect might be stronger.

Hopefully these tips will help when next you have a fall of shame.  Remember, standing up stronger is what matters. The key to being stronger is facing the challenge and dealing with it positively.


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