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How to Chill Out When You Have No Chill

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Has anyone ever told you that you need to chill out? Have you ever asked yourself, “Wow, I really need to relax”?  If so, it might be time to take a closer look at your habits and make a change.

So how do you chill out when you have no chill? Finding calm and balance in your life can sound easy until you try to actually do it. However, it’s worth the effort. The act of recharging your system and reinvigorating yourself is extremely important for both short-term and long-term health, vitality, and happiness.

When you’re up to your ears in stress and simply overwhelmed, you need concrete steps in order to change your routine and improve your life. Unwinding looks different for everyone, but a few universal tips can help you begin your relaxation process and give you a fresh lease on life.

Rethink Your Morning Routine

Your morning routine is likely something that you do every day that you don’t think twice about. Because of this, giving it some thought and recalibration can make a huge difference. Morning is a sacred time — a fresh start to a brand new day and a clean slate. But people often rush through mornings already feeling stressed about being late, forgetting something, or figuring out what to eat for lunch.

Many people wake up, grab their smartphone to hit snooze a few times, and check email and social media all before even getting out of bed. These habits put you in a state of responding to other people’s needs well before you’ve even considered your own. Rethinking your morning routine and doing some good things for yourself can really help you chill out.

Move Your Body

Imagine if instead of scrolling through Instagram for 20 minutes every morning, you used that time to move your body and wake up your muscles? No one’s saying you have to go out and do sprints, but moving your body and creating sustainable benchmarks can go a long way in helping you reach your health goals and achieve wellness. It will also help you feel calmer throughout the day.

Ditch the Multitasking

Even if you have to wake up a bit earlier in the morning, having enough time for a balanced breakfast where you don’t have to rush is essential to helping you relax and be calm. If you watch TV or the news, check your email, or text your friends while you eat, it might be time for a digital detox. When you use screens while eating, you’re not being mindful of either thing you’re doing — you might even be forgetting to breathe in the process. Ditch the urge to multitask to be more mindful.

Be Present

Being present is one of the best ways you can reach a state of chill, and that starts with reducing multitasking so you can focus on what you’re doing. Being present in the morning might mean noticing new flower blooms in your front yard or watching animals out your window. It might mean writing a page of thoughts in your journal to empty your mind or set goals and intentions for the day.

Whatever you do in the morning, remember to take time for you. If you can recalibrate your mornings to be times of self-care and intention setting, your entire day will look and feel different.

Take Time to Breathe

Breathing is something we all do all day long, but how often do you stop what you’re doing entirely and take a few really deep breaths? Deep breathing has a powerful calming effect and has the ability to help you push the reset button when you’re feeling too stressed out or overwhelmed. In today’s world, that’s more important than ever.

“We live in a world where stress is almost unavoidable,” psychologists say. “Because technology creates the expectation that we make ourselves available to others 24 hours a day, balancing our commitments and coping with stress in healthy ways can seem impossible. Caught in a constant to-do list, we seldom take the time to evaluate the toll that fear, worry, and distress can take on our bodies and minds.”

Major life events can compound this stress. For instance, new parents often struggle with new sources of stress, including sleep deprivation and feelings of inadequacy. During such times, it’s doubly important to learn how to create space in your life and simply breathe.

Deep breathing is one of the easiest and most effective things you can do to combat intense stress. Try setting an alarm for every 30 minutes throughout your workday. Whenever it goes off, take a few moments to stop what you’re doing, look away from the screen, close your eyes, and simply breathe.

Breathe until you feel yourself relax. It’s likely that when you start practicing deep breathing, you’ll also become aware of the times when you’re not breathing well, like when looking at screens or feeling stressed about a deadline. Once you’re aware of this, you can work on fixing it. Breathing in essential oils can help refresh your brain and give you a little extra boost when you need it.

Try Something New

When you’re stressed out and overwhelmed, sometimes that means that you’re taking yourself too seriously or your expectations for yourself are too high. That leaves you feeling drained, unsatisfied, or upset. One of the best things you can do to relax and reset is to try something new and outside your comfort zone.

Consider trying something that you have no expectations for yourself about. Maybe you’ll buy yourself a pair of rollerblades, try playing laser tag to get in touch with youthful energy, take a watercolor class, or volunteer at an animal shelter. Whatever you choose, make it your priority to be present with the activity and have fun. The activity should make you feel good and be something you can look forward to every week. When you’re happy, it’s easier to chill out.

The great thing about trying something new is that you can easily involve your friends and make it a social activity as well. If you start a book club, game night, or decide to grab a van and take a trip with your friends, you can all feel refreshed and invigorated together and let go of your worries and stresses. Having a solid social support system is extremely important for overall wellness.

It’s clear that, when self-care seems like the last thing you have time for, it’s the thing you need most. If you feel like you have no chill and no idea of how to find it, it’s time to slow down. Learning how to chill out doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your entire life. If you simply rethink your morning routine, practice deep breathing, and try something new every now and again, you’ll likely feel a huge positive shift in your life that can help you manage stress and access your chill side when you need it.

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