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How To Build Your Cycling Confidence

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Whether you’re riding a bicycle for the first time, or happen to be a seasoned expert- you can always work with a couple of tips to build cycling confidence. The right guidelines won’t just build your confidence but will also render a proper structure to your cycling schedule. After all, knowing how to ride your bike is one thing, but having the confidence to share the road with fellow cyclists is an entirely different skill altogether. And this is exactly why we’ve come up with a detailed walkthrough guiding you about the nitty-gritty of building confidence while cycling.

Controlling your brake

While you’ll find hundreds of concerned mothers detailing you about the dangers of using the front brake, this is one of the most essential tools to build confidence. Since the front brake is way more powerful than the rear ones, don’t be scared to squeeze it with some confidence. But even then, avoid doing this all the time, and do it only when it’s really needed. You can also scoot back on your saddle so that your body weight rocks forward along the bike instead of hitting forward crossing the bike.

Balancing your scale

If you’re a first-time rider, it is only likely that you’d be fraught with uncertainty while riding alone. But guess what? There’s a simple trick to beat your blues. All you have to do is pump yourself up, hit your feet on the paddle and confidently tell yourself yes I can do it’. When you keep doing this from time to time, you’ll soon end up getting rid of all negative thoughts and riding as confidently as you always wanted.

Controlling through the corners

Your body position and overall weight will have a significant impact on your bike’s stability and speed while you’re cornering. So in order to create an excellent foundation, try turning your outside pedal to its lowest position while pressing hard on it with your legs. Follow this up by using your hands to lean your bike along the corner by strongly pressing it down on the cycle’s bar. Instead of observing your front wheel, try looking around five to ten meters along the corner for best results.

Avoid looking down

Like we already told you, the ideal direction while cycling is a gaze which is straight ahead, around five to ten meters from you. Keeping your gaze straight won’t just build your confidence, but it’ll also help you avoid the big and small obstacles that come in your way. So whether you’re out for a regular ride, a mountain ride or a race, try focusing on a straight, fixed direction to build confidence, and hone your cycling skills better.

Shift before you’re planning to stop

You can always try downshifting to a relatively easier gear even before you slow or stop for better control before you reaccelerate. Shifting can either happen because of red lights or aid stations, but regardless of the reason, make sure you place it in the right gear. As you do this, you will gain way more confidence before you manage to reaccelerate. Alternatively, you will also gain more confidence while shifting gears.

Leaning in

If you’re an avid cyclist, you’d already know the importance of leaning in while cycling. But in case you’re a newbie who’s just starting out,  I’ll give you a short scoop on the importance of leaning in. The idea is pretty simple. As you lean in, your body gets perfectly balanced and you inadvertently get the confidence to ride better. So as you cycle, try keeping your body erect so that you’re able to move from one side to the other as you’re turning. This will give you greater control over your cycle as well as your own movements.

Riding with friends

While riding with your friends in a small group, you can either line up right beside them, before them or behind them. In any case, do not let your front wheel partly overlap the other rider’s rear wheel. This is a particularly unsafe position as the rider who’s riding before you, won’t even know you’re there and thereby end up taking you down with a soft bump along your wheel.

Timing your shifts

Before you take a real-time ride with buddies, as a beginner you should work on shifting your gears to build greater confidence in your movements. Shifting gears will help you build solid muscle memory that’ll help you go perfectly along crooked pathways. One of the simplest tricks to up your game is shifting before you ascend or descend. This will help you follow a steady tempo as you’re pedaling which in turn will give you greater power and control.

Practice bottle grabbing moves

When you’re cycling, it is really important to understand the nuances of grabbing your bottle without shifting your concentration from the road. Even a slight break in your concentration will lead your bike to move in an entirely different direction thereby ruining your whole ride. In order to avoid this glitch, practice grabbing your bottle, without having to look down. Once you do this a couple of times, you’ll get the hang of it and cycling with your water bottle will be easier than ever.

Be confident

Most accidents happen due to the lack of confidence. Yes, bikers like you are most likely to fail when they are hesitating on the course. In order to avoid this, try controlling your momentum. If you have proper control over the momentum, your bike will safely absorb the subsequent impact and help you travel more comfortably along the trail. Suddenly squeezing your brakes will lead to an inadvertent skid. So if you face that, try keeping your arms close to your body in order to avoid the possibilities of any damage.

All you need to do is be patient, understand your moves and ride carefully. Even if you miss simple moves, do not beat yourself up. Be patient with yourself and give some time to hone your skills. Once you’re patient, positive and smart enough to follow the rules carefully, cycling will be a breeze!




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