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How to Be a Happier Person

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How to be a happier person is a challenging question that many people pose. This is because the personal definitions of happiness differ from person-to-person and because happiness is determined by a number of varying factors including thoughts, actions, circumstances, and genetics. Even taking all of this into account, you can achieve happiness. It is actually a skill that you can build upon with practice and time. The following are few key steps you can take now to enhance your happiness and obtain satisfaction in life.

Understand that Happiness is a Choice

When it comes to happiness, the good news is that you are in control of how you feel. You can make the conscious decision to pick happiness over other negative emotions. This does not mean that happiness is about being positive all the time or ignoring the negativity you experience. Instead, happiness is a pursuit that takes courage to follow. For instance, researchers on happiness find that a large part of happiness is under your personal control. This means that choosing happiness, instead of negative thoughts like anger and resentment, reduces significantly the amount of stress and unhappiness that you experience. The key here is to create the necessary change within yourself by recognizing that happiness is a decision that comes largely from within.

Mediation & Exercise

Engaging in healthy behaviors and activities that are enjoyable for your mental and physical well-being can result in happiness. Spiritual-based activities like meditation, morning reflections, mindfulness, or participation in religious groups have all been shown to improve people’s level of happiness. Participation in religious groups also gives people a built-in social network, which can further enhance happy feelings. The same holds true for regular exercise. People who exercise not only have an improved their physical condition but they have reduced stress levels, and lowered rates of cardiovascular disease, all the while experiencing heightened levels of happiness to match.

 Create Enriching Relationships

Those who are happiest are those who have supportive communities of loved ones. To improve your happiness, spend more time with friends and family or even join a social group to nurture meaningful connections with others. At the same time, it will be equally important to avoid negative relationships where possible. Such relationships can bring you down and leave you feeling drained. While adversity and challenges are important for shaping our identities, unnecessary discord can impact how you feel and worsen your mood. Therefore, for happiness now, work on improving these negative relationships for increased happiness and healthier interactions with others.

Random Acts of Kindness

Performing random acts of kindness is another way to improve your happiness and get connected to others on a how to be a happier personmuch deeper level. Happiness is a human opportunity to improve the human condition, not just for yourself but for others whom you encounter. Such unexpected acts will bring joy to the lives of those you assist. A\ and these interactions can even result in a ripple of happiness experienced by everyone you encounter. In other words, happiness can become contagious! This is because good experiences strengthen the parts of the brain that are connected to happiness.

So, be the catalyst to spread happiness to others by doing good deeds such as charity or volunteer work. Remember to practice empathy and emotional intelligence by placing yourself in the shoes of others. Such small acts of kindness like holding the door for someone, letting someone go ahead of you on the supermarket line, or a simple smile can go a long way towards brightening up the day of those around you.

There are innumerable benefits of becoming happier. You can find more meaning in all areas of your life—at home, in social settings, at work, and even out in the public by recognizing the many positive impacts of happy living. Happiness can help you to cope better with stressors,. It can also help you in solving problems more creatively.   So, transform your life and enhance your well-being today by pursuing the healthy, happy life that you deserve.

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